Storefront listing Versatile Pop-Up Space in Central in Central, Hong Kong, Hong Kong.
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from HK$3,600.00(€394,27) / jour
Versatile Pop-Up Space in Central
Central - Hong Kong, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong

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A propos de cet espace

This especially lovely multi-functional space receives a lot of natural light, thanks to its large window front. It also includes a small outdoor space that may be used as needed.

Despite being located on the first floor of a building, its storefront is visible from the street and it is accessible by a side stairwell; there is a trendy business just below it on the ground floor that will only add to the appeal of your short-term event.

This multi-functional space boasts extensive facilities with a payment terminal, sound system, fitting rooms, lighting effects, toilets, and so on. It is definitely a great location for any type of events, such as hosting cocktail receptions, pop-up stores, art openings/expositions, showrooms, private sales, late night events and photo/video shoots.

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Fitting Rooms
Air Conditioning
Sound & Video Equipment


À la journéeHK$3,600.00 (€394,27)

À la journée (le week-end)HK$4,800.00 (€525,70)

À la semaineHK$15,000.00 (€1.642,80)

Au moisHK$36,000.00 (€3.942,72)


Type d'espace
Boutique / Shop

Capacité d'accueil
Entire or Partial

400 sq ft

Durée minimum de location
1 day

Durée maximum de location
1 year

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