About us

Storefront’s digital and innovative platform addresses the market’s needs with the following features:


A simple, 3-step process

From looking for a commercial space to getting in touch with the landlord and completing the final booking, brands are in complete control of their bookings.


More than 10,000 available spaces

Thanks to the different space types available from Storefront, brands from any industry can find their ideal space and make their short-term project happen, whatever their budget, positioning or requirements are.


A global presence

Storefront is the one and only platform offering thousands of quality spaces all around the world. This advantage allows any brand to pop-up in any location, test new markets and even launch simultaneously in more than one location worldwide.


Tailor-made care

Storefront’s team is made of passionate and professional people willing to guide brands through their ideal space quest.

Who We Are

Since its launch in 2014, Storefront has become the world’s largest marketplace for short-term retail spaces. Its mission: connecting brands, e-commerce businesses and artists with space owners for short- term rentals, creating pop-up stores and events around the world.

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