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Renting an Art Studio

Art Studios are known for being an immaculate, blank space, perfect for you creating your next masterpiece or art showcase. Creative artists alike are particularly fond of this type of space, so they can develop it as they see fit. Plus, Storefront has thousands of top art studio spaces in neighborhoods like Le Marais in Paris, SoHo in NYC, to attract tons of buzz.

Need a space for one day, a week, a month, or a full year? Our listings provide flexibility, lasting however long you need them to – it’s up to you. Select the neighborhood that seems to be an ideal fit for your business project. There are no criteria an artist studio can’t meet when it comes to your needs – from white-box spaces, sound and video set-up, internet, furniture …

If you already know the location – city(ies), neighborhood(s), then jump over our city list and browse our 10,000+ spaces available across 60+ cities worldwide. If you are unsure about what area is the best fit for your brand have a look at one of our neighborhood guides, or just contact a concierge. At Storefront, we live and breathe spaces: we’ll be happy to provide corporate clients with a free consultation! 

The benefits of opening an art studio with Storefront

An Art Studio is a free zone, a space just for you, waiting for your creativity. We have a large studio space selection and at all prices! These white-box spaces are waiting for your ideas. Open your art studio in a cosmopolitan area, with customers on the lookout to be inspired.

6 reasons to host a creative art studio with Storefront

Test different cities

Want to know which street or neighborhood will be most receptive to what you’re showcasing? The best way is to pop up in different cities (even simultaneously!) to determine which is right for you and attracts the most buzz.

A space for endless customization!

These sleek, white spaces leave tons of room for your creativity. Looking for a minimalist feel, laminate flooring or modern decor? You can design each studio interior as you see fit!

Increases visibility

Decorate your art studio or art gallery from the inside and out, so you have the chance to attract passersby, connect with community of artists and increase visibility even more. Renting a large (or small!) private studio space with window display for visual art, graphic art or any other type of art is the perfect opportunity to do just that.

You can choose from over 10k rental spaces worldwide!

We have thousands of art studios for rent available in high-traffic areas around the world near Art museums, iconic buildings, artist studios, salons and coffee shops. You just have to choose your favorite.5

You can book in under a day.

We guarantee a response within 24 hours of submitting your inquiry, to guide you in finding your ideal art event space. You can book for few hours to couple days or months.

It’s simple

You can easily book your next Art Studio on our platform in just 3 clicks.