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Boasting an incredible cultural richness, Hong Kong is one of Asia’s most exciting cities. With its gigantic buildings, beautiful beaches, fantastic shopping, dining scene and superb landscapes, Hong Kong offers something for everyone. Central and Admiralty's buzzling lights and modern skyscrapers are reminiscent of New York’s Times Square. Take a few steps further and you’ll find temples, dried seafood shops and a wide array of street food stalls reminding you that you are, in fact, in Asia.

Hong Kong is a city with an extremely friendly population. This proves to be particularly beneficial to anyone looking who is searching for a retail space for lease. For this reason, numerous brands have succumbed to the energy and dynamism that emanates from the sleepless streets of the city. Book one of the +2,000 retail spaces all over Hong Kong!

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Hong Kong Success Stories

Hong Kong’s Biggest Milk Brand Opens First-Ever Pop-Up Store

Kowloon Dairy’s classic products have flavored the childhood of most Hong Kongers. Its product line ranges from milk and yoghurt drinks to ice cream and mochi. Set up in the 1940s, this company is among veteran brands that scream Hong Kong from the core.

Although their products are widely available in supermarkets and 7-elevens around Hong Kong, not all of their ice cream flavors can be found as easily. So, in order to reach out, invite a larger audience to get to know a range of new flavors, and offer relief from the scorching summer, Kowloon Dairy opened its first ever pop-up store on Wellington Street in the heart of Central for a limited time only.

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Hypebeast launches highly anticipated Nike x Virgil Abloh pop-up in Hong Kong

Between November 9 to 18, the Nike x Virgil Abloh “The Ten” exhibition will be on display in a dedicated pop-up store that has Hypebeast remixing the concept into “The Icons Reconstructed” exhibition. “The Ten” has travelled the world and in collaboration with Hypebeast is landing in Hong Kong. Hypebeast organised the Hong Kong project and together with Storefront was able to secure a prime location on Wyndham Street in Central.

“The Ten” is a collaboration between Nike and Off-White founder Virgil Abloh that has Abloh reimagining ten Nike classics adding DIY elements and his own personal design ethos. The Hypebeast pop-up store is more focused on the design process of the remixed sneaker classics, taking “The Ten” limited edition sneakers back to the drawing board to highlight the design’s collage inspired assemblage work and work-in progress aesthetic.

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Retykle’s pop-up stores: curated second-hand high-end kid’s fashion in Hong Kong

Retykle is a wonderfully refreshing online platform founded by Sarah Garner. It aims to make buying and re-selling high quality baby and kid’s clothing convenient and as stylish as buying new.

After working in luxury fashion for more than ten years with high-end establishments such as Lane Crawford, LCMH and Holt Renfrew, Sarah saw an opportunity to tackle the problem of high-quality children’s clothing, sometimes barely or never worn, ending up in closets because of children outgrowing them.  

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