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Our shortlist of top corporate event venues to rent in New York City:

Event Space on Broadway - $5,400/d

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Large Event Venue near Union Square - $30,000/d

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Gorgeous Event Room in Upper West Side - $540/d

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Sustainable Event Space in the LES - $1,440/d

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SoHo Event Space - $960/d

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Event Space in Greenwich Village - $10,800/d

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You can book in under a day

We guarantee a response within 24 hours of submitting your space inquiry. We’ll find you your ideal corporate event venue.

We’re here to match up your short-term rental needs with those of space owners, to connect renters-landlords around the world.



It's simple

You can easily book your next corporate event venue in just three clicks.

1. Send a request to the owner with no commitment to pay
2. Ask questions and visit the space
3. Book the space as easily as a hotel room
Sending more than one inquiry increases your chances of booking the perfect corporate event venue space.

You can choose from over 10k spaces worldwide

We have thousands of corporate event venues available in high-traffic areas around the world. You just have to choose your favorite.

You can rent corporate event venues in more than one location at a time. Storefront can help you find a space that’s right for your brand across seven countries.



There are tons of reasons to rent a corporate event venue on Storefront, such as networking, business launches, or conferences. Profitability is not the only measure of your long-term success.

From big-name brands to small-time start-ups, thousands of brands, agencies and production companies have booked on Storefront. We’re opening doors for every idea.


Dedicated concierge team

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Do you have specific requirements for your corporate event venue?

Our team of account managers is here to help you find the most suitable venue. Connect with us through the concierge form or the chat window, and benefit from over ten years of short term venue rental experience.