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6 reasons to book a small retail space with Storefront


1. Test different cities

Want to know which street or neighborhood will be most receptive to what you’re showcasing? The best way is to pop up in different cities (even simultaneously!) to determine which is right for you and attract the most buzz.

2. Connect

Connect with your clients. A physical space is invaluable when it comes to building a real relationship with your customers outside of the virtual world.

3. High visibility

The press loves short term retail, just like your customers – who also appreciate a certain exclusivity they will feel, due to the short-term nature of your event.

4. Your sales will soar

Although the internet still feels like magic, the virtual world is missing something. Your business’ sales will increase when you launch a pop-up event because there’s nothing more powerful than engaging the 5 senses and creating a real-life experience for your customers.

5. Promote your brand

Set yourself apart from the competition! Use this marketing tool to your advantage and become known in different cities around the world!

6. Price

The reason many brands are afraid of retail and hesitate to establish themselves physically in cities is because of the financial risk involved. Short term retail solves this problem. And did you know that renting a short-term space is actually cheaper than most traditional rentals?

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“The sample sale was a great event. Due to the size of the space we were able to ensure social distancing and still have a large number of customers visit us.”
“We searched for a long time for a second store location, before enlisting the help of Storefront. A few years ago, we did a collaboration with Monocle eyewear in Marylebone and loved the area, so when Storefront suggested this location, we were thrilled!”
“Storefront has a great range of listings on the platform, and we were really happy when we secured this location”
“Working with Storefront made the whole process a lot easier. We had difficulties with other landlords but the staff at Storefront was very involved and engaged in helping us find the right location. We really worked together as a team.”