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What is a Pop-Up?
A Pop-Up is a short-term event, ranging from one day to one year, which generates exposure and sales for a brand. Making your space available to host Pop-Ups and showcasing various brands increases your venue’s visibility.
Never hosted a pop-up?
Storefront is here to help you create a thoughtful offering and market your space to the right brands. Write your first listing in less than 5 minutes. We will be in touch as shortly thereafter to help you promote the space perfectly.
Your space is the right space
Offer your entire space, or simply a shelf, floor space, or an outside area during or after your regular business hours. Brands need a place to sell and promote their goods, and Storefront is the place to connect with brands!
Connect with amazing brands
Join thousands of other great listings in our marketplace and gain access to an unparalleled brand network. The Concierge will help you find and identify the best brands around the world.
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Who is renting space?
Thousands of brands are renting space every month. Local and international brands alike are building brick-and-mortar experiences to connect with their target audience and grow their business.
Bring on the big brands and new talent
Rental expectations and brand-fit requirements are clear and transparent. Connect with national brands like Google, Nike, Target and Estee Lauder, as well as thousands of local, artisan, and up-and-coming brands.
The right brand, every time
You have the final say on every brand that you invite into your space. Storefront makes it easy to connect with the right brands by marketing your listing to companies that meet your criteria.
Maximize your visibility
Put your best foot forward with the help of the Concierge, who will increase your visibility with professional photos, pricing advice, and a glowing description.
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Control is everything
You know your space best. You're in control of who, when and how brands rent your space. Specify the hours, available space, max occupancy, space type, rental price and more.
An all-in-one experience
We streamline the process of booking brands into your space. With our Concierge service and invoicing and payment platform, you can handle everything quickly and easily with Storefront.
Immediate Feedback
We've integrated our notifications with Twilio to inform you via SMS whenever you get a request.
Receive world-class customer service and easy and secure payment when you book your space with us.More Info
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