4 Creative Tips to Steal From These Latest Pop-Up Stores

Spring and Summertime are filled with pop-up stores and buzzy concepts. Pop-up stores and events are a great way for brands and upcoming designers to get in on the thrill of hosting something temporarily, whether it be for press purposes, driving sales, meeting customers, or all three.

New concepts and ways to introduce a brand short-term are endless, but here we’ve rounded up our favorite pop-up concepts over the last month that will surely have staying power for their uniqueness and seasonality.

The Art & Design market concept that fused Swedish artists in one space.
  • 1. Pop-up together!

For young artists and designers, or brands who want to be introduced to a larger customer base, popping up in the same space as other brands is a great way to be cost efficient. Swedish concept “Art & Design Market On Tour” chose to pop-up this month in Hong Kong for the second time with just that idea in mind. These artists wanted a place to show their art, but knew that they couldn’t carry it themselves, so decided to invite other Swedish designers into this space to complement the artwork they were displaying. This way, the artists are able to host a physical space that they wouldn’t otherwise because rents are so high. While customers benefit from this since they can come and shop from multiple artists in one spot, the artists also benefit from the visibility they get.

Collective+ © 2018 Storefront

A similar London based concept pop-up store called Collective+ also ran this Spring with ‘togetherness’ in mind. We interviewed founder Stacy Chan who agreed that you learn a lot from other brands when you pop-up together, especially because of the camaraderie of being amongst other designers in a shared space so they can give each other tips and even share key contacts.

  • 2. Don’t forget the opening reception or welcoming event.

When brands host pop-up stores, building out the experience from front to end will help make a big mark on customers. Even if brands are looking to pop-up for a month, it’s great to offer fun events or activations during their short-term lease to entice customers to come into the store (and back again!). By hosting things like special events and dinners in the pop-up space, brands are able to attract more attention, create more Instagram-worthy moments and show their dedication to their customers in a more intimate way. Lifestyle brand Goop just hosted a pop-up store in Dallas with a ‘Goop x Cointreau Margarita Bar’ and hosted a dinner for local tastemakers and celebrities.

The Grammar pop-up store opening reception hosted in this LES space. (Photo: Lorraine Ciccarelli)

Plus, the Storefront-powered pop-up store with Grammar also chose to host an intimate dinner the night before its official store launch for brand ambassadors and press to enjoy. In this way, founder Althea Simmons was able to create a more private setting with her biggest supporters before the store was open to the public.

  • 3. Mix It Up

Sometimes, building out a whole pop-up store for the experience over a heavy product sell, can also win over your customers. In efforts to focus on the retail trend of experiential retailing, brands are taking these short-term stores to the next level with innovative concepts where selling the product is only one small part of the store’s vision. Last month, Hermes completely transformed its NYC men’s store for it’s new “Silk Mix” concept., that was already showcased in Madrid and Rome. Reworking the store into an old-school record store, the store was covered with album covers made from the Hermes silk. Fans could pick their favorite fabric, and then choose to play the record.

Photo: OMEGA

Watch brand OMEGA also opened a pop-up store in Le Marais selling just NATO straps, and no other products. Taking the no-product concept even further, the brand set up digital screens in the store for customers to scroll through and purchase their desired strap, and the store would then ship the actual strap straight to their front door. With the straps being fully customizable, the brand was able to drive buzz and customers to the store with this unique, tech-sayvy concept.

  • 4. Tis the Season.

Brands are also apt to cashing in on the season. With Summertime comes a host of brands playing into the Summer theme, throwing pool party events and outdoor bashes to attract customers. Cool-girl brand Reformation just opened the Reformation Beach House in the Hamptons this Summer, a pop-up concept that it successfully executed last summer as well.

Xandra Swimwear, the San Diego-based swimwear company is using the relevance of the season to launch a month-long pop-up store in San Francisco to attracts its customers with a Pool Party theme. The staff will be wearing Xandra swim suits, and serving up bikinis on trays throughout the store for customers for customers to pick and try on, and there will be inflatable blowups throughout the store to play on the theme as well.

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