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Fête Impériale : A Summer Pop-Up Store To Boost Sales

Fête Impériale © 2018 Storefront

Created in 2015, Fête Impériale is a high-end, ready-to-wear brand that has enjoyed immediate success on the web. Its next challenge: to use Summertime to conquer the hearts of its customers by opening a pop-up space to meet them. Or, rather, by inviting customers to push through the pop-up store doors, and get ready for a memorable experience right in the heart of Le Marais for 3 months.

To detail this experience, we spoke with Laurène Gauthier, COO of Fête Impériale.

Fête Impériale has invested in this charming boutique in Le Marais for 3 months. Photo: Imperial Day © 2018 Storefront.

  • Storefront: Why open a pop-up store from May-July?

Laurène Gauthier: We wanted to test our sales potential and our concept on these 3 key moments:

  1.  Spring time: a period whose main theme perfectly matches our flowery DNA
  2. In the Summertime: a period that attracts a lot of our customers since the clothes are made from lightweight materials
  3. Sales: it seemed to us strategically interesting to test out this next project in a short-term shop of its own

Wallpaper, flowers … the decoration reflects the summer DNA of the brand and its flagship print. Photo: Imperial Day © 2018 Storefront

  • What role does decoration play in your pop-up store?

Fête Impériale is a brand with a strong universe, and we wanted it to be clearly identifiable from the moment customers entered the store. For each collection, Laura Gauthier Petit, the founder and creator of the brand, created a flagship print that will be found in watermark on any line. In this short-term boutique, the SS18 collection is inspired by the theme of the ‘hanging garden’. A concept that is also found in the decoration of the pop-up store itself.


The decor takes up the theme of the hanging garden, the flagship print of the collection. Photo: Imperial Day © 2018 Storefront


The high-end collection of the brand, composed of natural materials. Photo: Imperial Day © 2018 Storefront

  • Why open a physical store when you are so successful online?

Fête Impériale is a high-end brand: we offer items ranging from 200 to 600 euros on average. As each piece represents an investment, we wanted to give our customers the opportunity to try them on before buying them.

In addition, we are very proud of our digital platforms, be it our site or our social networks, but we want to gradually move towards a physical format. After a first successful pop-up store, this pop-up Store on rue de Turenne is a second step towards the opening of a permanent store. We want to prepare our customers to meet us in the streets of Paris!

Photo : Fête Impériale © 2018 Storefront

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