Brit + Co has built success on its mission to empower creative, driven women. Through both aspirational and actionable digital content in the form of articles, videos, courses, workshops and more, Brit + Co has helped female makers and entrepreneurs gain confidence and success.

The media company is no stranger to bringing their digital experience to life. Its annual Re:Make festival in San Francisco was a convergence of makers enjoying the immersive experience.

This year, Brit + Co set its sights on New York City, with its debut of the #CreateGood pop-up shop and event in October. The free-to-the-public event was a “digital, social and experiential” pop-up aimed at creative women of all ages. All in all, it attracted more than 10,000 attendees over the course of five days.

Delivering an Immersive Experience

Brit + Co is an online brand, so it was essential from the get-go to find a way to bring the digital and physical worlds together through their new pop-up concept.

That wasn’t difficult to imagine, given that the main concept of #CreateGood was to bring the online courses and workshops on Brit + Co’s website to life through in-person, live trainings. Brit + Co enlisted some of the most innovative and influential female entrepreneurs, including Misty Copeland, Rebecca Minkoff, Katie Lee and Jewel.

The entire event was live streamed, so even individuals who couldn’t physically attend had a chance to be a part of the event in real time. Installments that Brit + Co deemed “selfie-worthy” were abundant, amplifying the social conversation about the pop-up. And with a name like #CreateGood, the hashtag is already built in, which enables Brit + Co to track hashtag usage and other associated metrics. These tactics worked: Brit + Co reached more than 84 million users on social media.

The event itself also added quite a bit of content to Brit + Co’s library of digital assets, and they were quick to jump on the opportunity. They repurposed many of the events and workshops during #CreateGood.

What You Can Learn from Brit + Co

1. Build buzz with strategic partnerships

A list of powerful, well-known and successful women were the featured guests, speakers and workshop leaders at Brit + Co’s #CreateGood. This enabled them to spread the message to new audiences, as well as establish credibility by tapping into industry experts. Plus, there was tons of social media conversation among pop-up attendees, sharing their excitement to see these guests.

2. Consider the digital and the physical

The most successful companies are the ones that see the value in both the digital and the real-life customer experience. And many online companies (such as Bulletin, for example) are experimenting in the brick-and-mortar with pop-up shops. Whether you have an online store or not, your social channels are extensions of your brand, and ways to amplify your message. Create “Instagrammable” areas, integrate mobile devices, and consider other ways to bridge the gap.

3. Let your pop-up live on

Brit + Co’s products are more unique in that they’re largely educational materials, but there are many ways retailers of all kinds can find ways to leverage what you’ve gained during your pop-up shop. Here are just a few:

  • Leverage user-generated content (UGC) during the event on your digital channels, such as social media, email or your website
  • Collect email addresses at the pop-up and nurture those leads through an email campaign
  • Look at the data you gathered during your pop-up, analyze it, and apply your learnings to future pop-ups, online initiatives, your brick-and-mortar shops, etc.
  • Turn your successful pop-up into a series or an annual event, as Brit + Co has done with Re:Make and will do with #CreateGood
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