Luxury Headphones Brand Master & Dynamic opens its first retail pop-up in the city that inspired it all: New York

Master & Dynamic knows a thing or two about pushing the envelope and staying relevant. The luxury audio brand, founded in 2014 by Jonathan Levine, quickly became known for its high-performance sound and craftily designed headphones and has gained both international and celebrity appeal.

The brand has just unveiled its first ever pop-up shop in NYCmade with Storefrontto honor its current fan base and newcomers alike, open now in the bustling Nolita neighborhood through December 24th.

“We try to find other avenues of growth that’s on brand and brand-building,” Levine told Forbes. Master & Dynamic has consistently been fostering brand partnerships and collaborations that help expand its reach and commitment to a quality sound experience, and its pop-up shop is the perfect emblem for that. Let’s take a look inside the process and store!

From ecommerce to a holistic retail experience

While Master & Dynamic is sold online and in 500+ retail stores, CMO Matthew Loyd, who concepted the pop-up, wanted to give friends of the brand a chance to experience the signature products and its new Greene Street Collection in a dedicated space. Moreso, the retail store acts as a thank-you to the city that “continues to inspire, fuel, and nurture us,” adds Levine.

This commitment to customer experience is an important step for brands who want to test out a brick-and-mortar location without a long-term commitment, and as Storefront has seen with most of our partner brands, it’s a great way for brands to engage with its active online community (IRL!). Plus, as a company that’s always inspired to test and learn, this type of short-term space can easily bring to life Master & Dynamic’s newest product advancements in both materials and audio functionality.

Pro tip: be sure to pop in every Sunday this month for Master & Dynamic’s #VinylSunday in-store series and bring your own favorite record.

Located in the heart of NYC’s charming and popular Nolita neighborhood, the Master & Dynamic pop-up has completely taken over the 700 sq ft. space at 240 Mulberry St. To reflect its newest Greene Street Collection, the store has a camouflage vibe with the headphones taking front and center, and is artfully decorated with tons of greenery and large plants.

Customers can enjoy the quality sound experience at their leisure, plus experience the brand’s newest collaboration with architect Sir David Adjaye: the concrete and wireless speaker.

As the brand’s first foray into a dedicated retail space in New York, choosing 240 Mulberry St. was the perfect venue for Master & Dynamic to meet its fans and attract sales on a busy street, surrounded by other creative boutiques.

It’s a smart, innovative approach that gives customers a chance to explore many other facets of a brand, while also allowing the brand to continue exploring creatively.

Happy Shopping (and experiencing)!

Master & Dynamic Pop-Up
Open M-F 11am-7pm
November 30th – December 24th

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