Whether you’re looking to showcase your art on a budget, want to test out NYC for your art or designs, or simply want a short-term space for your work, there’s plenty of pop-up galleries on Storefront for you to choose from. Pop-up galleries are low cost, and allow you to stand out on a short-term basis, making a big splash without having to shell out lots of money on a long-term lease.

Below we’ve listed our top 15 pop-up art galleries in NYC just for you and your next idea!

1. Space to rent in Chelsea Gallery with a bright, artistic atmosphere – 1,000 sq ft.

2.Two-story pop-up gallery space in the bustling LES – 2,100 sq ft.

3. Well-lit gallery space in Lower East Side with three rooms – 1,000 sq ft.

4. Spacious and bright pop-up gallery venue with an industrial touch in Chelsea – 4,000 sq ft.

5. Classic, white-box Bowery Showroom with floor-to-ceiling frontage – 325 sq ft.

6. Contemporary gallery space in Hoboken – 1,100 sq ft.

7. Showroom on the Upper East Side with modern spotlights – 500 sq ft.

8. Bright gallery in Bowery with an open plan and polished gray floors – 2,000 sq ft.

9. White box Nolita gallery space with tons of natural light – 2,700 sq ft.

10. Versatile and large studio space in Greenpoint – 2,200 sq ft.

11. Sprawling, white-walled Meatpacking District gallery space – 5,000 sq ft.

12. Lower East Side gallery space with an inviting frontage and clean atmosphere – 435 sq ft.

13. Lively pop-up gallery in Bushwick equipped with furniture – 1,800 sq ft.

14. Versatile and refined gallery space in Park Slope – 1,200 sq ft.

15. Long, two-floor special gallery space in LES – 1,000 sq ft.

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