Wanna learn how to throw an awesome Pop-Up Party? Commercial fashion stylist, FIT teacher and now vintage shop owner Shaunya Hartley of Vintage Shaun can teach you! With an awesome turnout of her vintage Pop-Up Party in Brooklyn, Shaunya knows a thing or two about throwing one. She created a week-long pop-up and hosted a sweet party with some serious scores last month, working with the 300 sq. foot Human NYC space.  As she documented what she did before, during and after the event, she also generously shared her great numbers! Coming from a fashion & retail-heavy background, Shaunya was no stranger to hosting a successful Pop-Up Party in the midst of creatives in Greenpoint Brooklyn.

Here’s a step-by-step of how she did it:

1). To start off, Shaunya listed out her objectives, which were to:

  • Create a week-long social shopping experience in Greenpoint Brooklyn for the brand Vintage Shaun. 
  • Align with brands as the authority of stylish and alternative events. 
  • Develop a social media experience and build brand awareness. 
  • Educate consumers on the components that go into the production of a pop-up shop. 
  • Provide customers with a vintage salon like shopping experience incorporating mood as well as refreshments.

Pop-Up Party 1

2). Next, she went in for the kill. At the event she:

  • Invited editors, clients, customers and media to a kickoff party for the week long pop-up shop. 
  • Welcomed guests upon arrival into the store with a kind hello, some signage.
  • Encouraged tweeting and sharing under the hashtag #VintageShaunPopUp and shared her sponsors Twitter handles. 
  • Offered a complimentary cocktail Shaungria (a french liqueur blend of orange essence, Muscat grapes and elderflower) courtesy of her sponsor Pavan.
  • Invited DJ B-side to spin some tunes in the window of the store front.
  • Informed customers that the space was found via Storefront.

Pop-Up Party 2

3). She didn’t stop there, half of the promotion is after the event. Shaunya made sure she:

  • – Followed up with customers from Vintage Shaun Pop Up
  • – Created a blog post thanking the sponsors.
  • – Held a Sponsor meet & greet via Phone where sponsors can work together on future projects.
  • – Created a contest with select customers and sponsors
  • – Created a guest blog Post on sponsored sites: “ How Sponsor Helped Me Fulfill My Dream Project”
  • – Created testimonials from Vintage Shaun owner and cliens for future projects/ web projects.
  • – Created brand ambassadorship / talking head collaborations
  • – Joined forces for next pop-up (tentative first week of May 2014)
  • – Created Q3 collaboration and meet and greet of tentative pop-up restaurant

Here are the results Shaunya’s pop-up:

  • Customers: 432
  • Sales: 126
  • Tweets: 200+
  • Instagram Likes: 200+
  • People saying great things about her party:

“There were a lot of unique and stand out pieces (with sequins galore) but also many really functional pieces at very reasonable prices. And while I did enjoy browsing the racks, I enjoyed having a laugh with Shaunya even more.”

– Jen G. of greenpointers.com

These are great numbers for a small boutique owner through one event.  Shaunya also had great things to say about the neighborhood and provided us with some demographics:

  • Female: 75%
  • Male 25%
  • Age: 90% under 40
  • Education: 75% College Graduates
  • Status: 68% Single
  • Open to trying sponsors: 78%

Greenpoint neighborhood demographics were a perfect fit for the Vintage Shaun pop up. Customers are pro small and Brooklyn-based business. They were open to learning about sponsors and took pictures of signage for future follow up. Asked for approval rating of sponsors.

– Shaunya Hartley

Shaunya’s success shows that she is not only a Pop-Up Party super-star who knows how to draw in a crowd with a DJ, drinks, and snacks, but also shows that she is a cross-promotion expert who knows how to use social media, sponsors and work a 300 sq. foot space to her advantage!  Interested in the space she used? Check out the HumanNYC Storefront & Gallery in Greenpoint Brooklyn.

Pop-Up Party 3

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