Storefront recently announced it’s latest partnership with iconic retailer Macy’s, to offer brands, retailers and small businesses direct access to Macy’s pop-up spaces in featured U.S cities. 

The Market @ Macy’s is a one-of-a-kind marketplace with a variety of both up-and-coming and established brands—located right inside select Macy’s stores. With Storefront, The Market @ Macy’s will continue to bring an element of discovery, newness, and engagement for its shoppers, by featuring brands like yours in high foot-traffic and visible areas in select Macy’s stores.

Here are 3 reasons why you should host your next pop-up shop at The Market @ Macy’s, plus a sneak peek into our featured spaces!

  1. You can choose your own experience

Whether you’re looking to test the market for just a month’s duration or want to try it out for 3, with the Storefront x The Market @ Macy’s partnership you can choose what works best for your business (subject to availability!). We’re also open in 6 different markets, so you decide which city you’d like to pop-up in (and you can even pop-up simultaneously!). With pop-up pods starting at 100 sq ft., you’ll be able to choose the perfect space for your needs.

2. Premium real estate

The Market @ Macy’s markets are typically located in high foot-traffic Macy’s stores; whether you choose to pop up in Detroit, San Francisco, Boston, or more, your pop-up shop can be highly visible and benefit from tons of customers passing through. With 1 in 2 Americans shopping at Macy’s at least once a year, this is a great opportunity for any business owner or retailer to open a pop-up shop and introduce customers to its brand and concept. 

3. Your brand keeps 100% of any sales

Storefront and The Market @ Macy’s charge a flat fee to cover the space, fixture costs and staffing, while all brands keep 100% of any sales; a win-win for business owners looking to expand business, gain exposure, and try out the retail space!

Book your The Market @ Macy’s pop-up shop here >>


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