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What is a pop-up shop?

Pop-up Shop

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What is a pop-up shop? Pop-up shops are more than just a trend; they’re a valuable business opportunity and here to stay. Without having to commit to a long-term commercial lease, pop-up shops promote your brand, concept, service or product in a short period of time. Need a space for one day, a week, a month or a full year? Pop-up shops are flexible, lasting however long you need them to – it’s up to you. Select the neighborhood that seems to be an ideal fit for your event. There are no criteria a pop-up space can’t meet when it comes to meeting your needs – from food, art, décor, tech, fashion …

Just ask! To put it simply, pop-up shops represent freedom.

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awesome pop up shop

Advantages of a Pop-up shop

Promote your brand

Set yourself apart from the competition! Use this marketing tool to your advantage and become known in different cities around the world!

High visibility

The press loves pop-up shops, just like your customers - who also appreciate a certain exclusivity they will feel, due to the short-term nature of your event.


Connect with your clients. A physical space is invaluable when it comes to building a real relationship with your customers outside of the virtual world.

Test different markets

When you launch a business, or seek to expand one, knowing where to go isn’t always clear. Which markets and neighborhoods will be most receptive? Short-term space rentals allow you the time and flexibility to test different areas without a long-term commitment.

Your sales will soar

Although the internet still feels like magic, the virtual world is missing something. Your business’ sales will increase when you launch a pop-up event because there’s nothing more powerful than engaging the 5 senses and creating a real-life experience for your customers.


The reason many brands are afraid of retail and hesitate to establish themselves physically in cities is because of the financial risk involved. Pop-up shops solve this problem. And did you know that renting a short-term space is 80% cheaper than most traditional rentals?

pop up shop of Nike in US
pop up shop of Nike in US
pop up shop of Nike in US

Why choose a pop-up over a long-term lease?

What if someone told you that whatever is in your mind right now could become a reality in 12 days? If you find this hard to believe, just know that this is the average amount of time Storefront takes to organize everything, from space selection to opening, regardless of the location (thus, even in New-York!). The creativity of your pop-up store is limitless and up to you! In addition to representing a real phenomenon, a unique experience and getting closer to your customers, short-term space rentals are in high demand. Although the experience is short-term, memories are lasting.

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