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Flagship Store on Brook Street

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£13,002.00per month


£13,002.00per month
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Monthly rate£13,002.00


Space Type:

Ground floor street

Rental Capacity:

2,196 sq ft

Minimum Rental:
6 months

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About this space

This flagship store on Brook Street is a modern retail space located in the prestigious Mayfair area. Spanning over four floors, this property offers a bright and spacious environment, making it an ideal choice for a pop-up store.

This space is surrounded by multiple flagship stores and represents an outstanding opportunity for brands and designers to launch new products or brands in a prime location.

This space is ideally suited for retail projects (pop-up stores, showrooms or flagship stores) with a minimum duration of 4-6 months but would be open to longer-term tenants. As a prestigious space it doesn’t come cheap, but the price shown is an estimate so make an inquiry with the details of your project to get a more accurate price.


The shop features a traditional frontage with a classic window display, allowing ample natural light to illuminate the interior. Inside, you will find impressive aesthetics, including recessed downward lighting, white walls, and tiled flooring, creating a clean and contemporary atmosphere.

This space is particularly well-suited for creative fashion pop-ups, as it offers various amenities to support such ventures. It includes fitting rooms where customers can try on clothes, ensuring a convenient and interactive shopping experience. Additionally, there is a stock room available, providing ample storage space for inventory.

Overall, this space presents an attractive opportunity for businesses looking to showcase their brand in a prime location within Mayfair. Its modern design, extensive facilities, and prime location make it an enticing option for pop-up shops, particularly within the fashion industry.


Brook Street in Mayfair is known for its high footfall and attracts a diverse range of customers due to its prime location and the presence of various amenities and attractions in the area.

Footfall on Brook Street is generally high, especially during weekdays and weekends. The street is frequented by both locals and tourists, creating a vibrant and bustling atmosphere. As Mayfair is a popular destination for luxury shopping, art galleries, and fine dining, Brook Street benefits from the foot traffic generated by these nearby establishments.

In terms of customer demographics, Mayfair, including Brook Street, caters to a discerning and affluent clientele. The area is renowned for its luxury boutiques, high-end fashion retailers, and prestigious art galleries, which attract customers with a higher purchasing power. As a result, you can expect to encounter a mix of affluent locals, international visitors, business professionals, and fashion enthusiasts strolling along Brook Street.

Due to its proximity to notable landmarks such as Claridge's hotel and Bond Street, the customer demographics on Brook Street tend to include luxury shoppers, art collectors, fashion connoisseurs, and individuals seeking high-quality products and services.


Brook Street is a historic and prestigious street located in the affluent neighbourhood of Mayfair in London. It runs through the heart of Mayfair and is known for its upscale atmosphere, luxury retail offerings, and cultural significance.

The retail scene on Brook Street in Mayfair is renowned for its luxurious and upscale offerings, catering to a discerning clientele seeking high-quality products and exclusive shopping experiences.

As part of the prestigious Mayfair neighbourhood, Brook Street benefits from the area's reputation for elegance, sophistication, and exclusivity. The street embodies the essence of Mayfair's luxury lifestyle, attracting affluent residents, shoppers, and visitors from around the world.

Overall, Brook Street combines history, luxury, and cultural significance to create a unique and captivating atmosphere. Whether it's exploring high-end boutiques, immersing in the arts, or indulging in fine dining, the street offers a refined experience that reflects the charm and prestige of Mayfair.

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