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Exclusive Mayfair Boutique

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£13,020.00per month


£13,020.00per month
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Monthly rate£13,020.00


Space Type:

Ground floor street

Rental Capacity:

638 sq ft

Minimum Rental:
3 months

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About this space

This highly sought-after intimate boutique offers an unrivalled address for brands seeking to make their mark in the world of luxury and sophistication.

Situated on Clifford Street, in prestigious Mayfair, this space benefits from high footfall and excellent transport links.

Looking for tenants with a minimum rental of 2-3 months, this space is a brilliant opportunity for a brand looking for a prestigious pop-up store to showcase a new product, meet new customers or trial physical retail.


At 638 sq ft the space is intimate and cozy yet provides more than enough space for any retail project. The space itself is characterised by its stylish and contemporary design, featuring a modern facade that captures attention and entices passersby. With its large windows, the space offers excellent visibility for showcasing products and creating eye-catching displays that draw customers inside.

Spanning a generous area, the interior of the retail space provides ample room for various retail operations. Whether you're planning to open a boutique, a showroom, or a specialty store, the flexible layout allows for effective product placement, comfortable customer flow, and a seamless shopping experience

Ground Floor Sales 300 sq ft 27.88 sq m

Basement Sales 275 sq ft 25.56 sq m

Basement Ancillary 63 sq ft 5.86 sq m


The customer demographics of Clifford Street and the wider Mayfair area encompass a diverse range of affluent and discerning individuals. Known as one of the most prestigious and exclusive areas in London, Mayfair attracts a sophisticated clientele seeking luxury, high-end experiences.

One prominent customer demographic in Mayfair includes affluent locals and residents from upscale neighbourhoods such as Mayfair itself, Knightsbridge, and Belgravia. These individuals often have a high disposable income and a refined taste for luxury brands and high-end fashion. They seek exclusivity, quality craftsmanship, and personalised service, making them key patrons of the luxury boutiques, designer stores, and upscale establishments found in the area.

Mayfair also draws a significant number of international visitors, including affluent tourists and global jet-setters due to the area's reputation as a luxury shopping destination.

Furthermore, Mayfair attracts a sophisticated business crowd, including professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs working in the nearby financial district. These individuals appreciate the convenience of shopping in the upscale boutiques and stores during their lunch breaks or after work. They seek quality, style, and unique offerings that cater to their discerning tastes.

The wider Mayfair area, including Clifford Street, attracts art enthusiasts and collectors. The area is renowned for its art galleries, auction houses, and art events, attracting a niche audience with a passion for fine art and cultural experiences.


Opening a store in Clifford Street, Mayfair, presents an incredible opportunity to immerse your brand in an atmosphere of exclusivity, sophistication and refined taste. The vibe and culture of this area create an ideal backdrop for a high-end retail experience, where luxury and elegance are embraced by discerning customers.

The atmosphere on Clifford Street and throughout Mayfair is characterised by a sense of glamour and prestige. The Georgian architecture and tree-lined streets contribute to a timeless charm, while the upscale boutiques and designer stores create a refined ambiance. Walking along the streets, you'll find yourself amidst a vibrant and stylish crowd, where fashion-forward individuals seek out the latest trends and meticulously crafted pieces.

The vibe is one of aspiration and indulgence. Shoppers in this area appreciate the finer things in life and have an eye for quality and sophistication. Opening a store here means catering to customers who seek unique, high-end products and personalised service. The atmosphere is dynamic, with a constant flow of fashion enthusiasts, art lovers, and discerning buyers, creating an energetic and cosmopolitan feel.

Mayfair's cultural heritage adds to the allure of opening a store in this area. The presence of renowned art galleries and auction houses brings a touch of artistic elegance, attracting a cultured and diverse customer base. The vibrant art scene contributes to the cultural fabric of the area, creating a stimulating environment for creativity and self-expression.

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