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Space Ship SCI FI Set


$1,440.00per day


$1,440.00per day
$8,400.00per week
$24,000.00per month
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Price available upon request
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Daily rate$1,440.00
Weekly rate(-17%) $8,400.00
Monthly rate(-44%) $24,000.00
Above your budget? Discuss with the owner


Rental Capacity:
Entire or Partial

2,900 sq ft

Minimum Rental:
1 day

Ref Number:

The location

The exact location information is provided after you schedule a visit with the owner

Have more questions about this space or area? Just ask!

Contact the owner

About this space

Our SPACE SHIP set has a lot going on!  All colored/practical lights can be changed by remote.  Anything on the LED screens can be changed through a simple USB Drive.   Benches and Cargo in the hull can be removed, as well as the cockpit chairs if needed.   We have various props in house and costumes available that work well with this set. Including Sci Fi Armor/Clothing, Space Suits, Tactical Armor, etc.    This listing is for the Space Ship only, we have many other related sets, please check our other listings! Multiple sets can be booked at one time with an additional cost.  Contact me for details!



The Logan Dome is a 3,000 Sq. Ft. Creative Compound located in Burbank, CA just outside of Los Angeles.  We have a variety of Pre-lit sets to accommodate many types of Film Shoots, Music Videos, Photo Shoots, and other activities.

Please read the entire Description and Studio rules before contacting or booking!

The space includes bathroom, kitchen/crafty area, Dressing/makeup/green room. Wi-Fi and the in house Sound System (Bluetooth)  are also included. We also offer Gated parking and picnic area, Air Conditioning,  and heat (See Details for pricing).

Each of our sets has a minimum number of hours required for booking.  There are ** NO EXCEPTIONS ** to these minimums.

Seriously, do not even bother inquiring if you cannot book the minimum. Again, there are NO EXCEPTIONS to the minimums!


You can contact us through EMail, Social Media, or on Peerspace.  Once booked on peerspace my phone number will be released to you.  DO NOT give my phone number out to your entire crew.  Communication will be done between the studio and the client who booked.


If you are interested in a tour of the facility you are welcome, assuming you're looking to book the minimum number of hours.  Contact the studio to book a tour, We do not allow people to show up without scheduling first.  You can also view our Virtual Tours online.  


Arrival details will be sent to you when the space is booked. The entrance to the building is on the corner at the intersection.

Single Set:

Bookings will include the set in the STOCK PHOTOS on each listing.  - Additional Sets can be added to your hourly booking (See Pricing), we also offer a package rate for ALL sets for a full day shoot.  YOU WILL NOT have access to other/additional sets during your booking unless they are added to your booking prior to your shoot.

Props & Costumes:

We have many PROPS and COSTUMES in house to accommodate our sets.  All props/dressing located on the booked set are included at no additional charge. Costumes are available for rent for your shoot, Costume rentals are IN HOUSE only for the duration of your booking (see Pricing).


We have a small stock of lighting and equipment in house. You are welcome to this equipment and responsable for it if used. Any damages to or missing equipment will be billed to you. All of our stock photos here on the site are done with our in house lighting equipment.

Equipment included:

4 Newwer LED Panels & Stands, 2 GVM RGB Led Panel & Stands, ADJ Products Fog Machine FURY 2000w Fogger(must bring your own juice, using our juice is a $10 Charge), C Stand, Apple Boxes (1 Full, 1 Half, 2 Quarter).

**If you move lights, equipment, props, etc. Please reset them back to the way you had originally found them when you came in! **

**DO NOT mess with the wires built into and/or on the back of each set well. **


FREE STREET PARKING is available all around the studio! DO NOT PARK in the lots of a neighboring business! NO NOT PARK in The Doctor's Office next door! You will be towed! DO NOT PARK in the alley! You will be ticketed/towed! We do have a large Roll Up Door and Gated Parking Lot convenient for a Load in.  Use of the lot MUST be added to your booking PRIOR to your shoot!


There is absolutely NO SMOKING of any kind in the building, the lot, or ANYWHERE on the property. This includes cigarettes, marajuana, E-Cigarettes, Vape, or whatever other gadgets they have out there. IF YOU SMOKE there will be a $300 smoking charge!


There is absolutely NO ALCOHOL/DRINKING anywhere on the property. We are here to work, not to party. If you have Alcohol/bottles as a prop please CLEAR THEM WITH ME when you come in for your shoot.  If you try to turn this place into a party, you will be asked to leave.


Please have an ACCURATE HEADCOUNT with your booking request. Shoots with 15 or more people (Combined Cast, Crew, etc) will be required to have production insurance and a COI made out to our studio.  If you are beyond your headcount, additional attendees will be asked to leave.

There is a 25 Person MAX /LIMIT (Combined, Cast, Crew, Etc) currently for our studio. Any person over that amount will be asked to leave.

Time In/Out:

Please book the appropriate time for your shoot! You will not be able to enter the studio until your booking time starts. On the other end, If you need more time at the end of your booking , it may not be available to you. If it is available, OVERTIME will be charged as 1.5x the normal hourly rate and will be rounded up to the nearest hour!  Overtime must be purchased as needed, for example - If you decide during your shoot that you need more time, the additional hour(s) must be purchased at the overtime rate before they are given to you.

**IF YOU are using the space, you are on the clock! This includes load in, shooting, load out,

napping, etc. The clock stops when you have completely exited the property and we can close up!**


Heat or Air Conditioning use can be booked in advance or when you come in (see Pricing). Thermostats are to be operated by EMPLOYEES ONLY.


You are welcome to use the Crafty/Kitchen area as well as the fridge. Please DO NOT CONSUME anything that is not yours. You will be billed for it.

Wrestling Ring (When standing):

Entering our WRESTLING RING is NOT ALLOWED unless it's booked as your set. If booked I will relay the proper safety guidelines during your rental.


NO PETS or ANIMALS are allowed unless it has been approved in ADVANCE.


Please pull up all tape markers on the floor when you leave, if you leave markers/tape and we have to scrape them up and clean the tape glue, there will be a $50 charge.

Fake Blood, Slime, Etc:

Homemade FAKE BLOOD is not allowed, specifically anything with Karo-Syrup or any kind of sugar. If you are using any kind of fake blood, Slime, etc. YOU MUST CLEAR it with me when you come in so we can talk about how to use it without staining or damaging the sets, props, or set dressing.

Exterior Shooting:

All shooting during your booking must be done within the property. Shooting in the street, alley, etc is not allowed without a permit and you could be subject to fines or tickets. If you need shots like that , do so outside of your booking time with this studio.

Lost & Found:

ANY ITEMS left behind will be held to be claimed for 3 days after your shoots. After that they will be forfeited/disposed of.


Especially for shoots with large crews - You are responsible for your own trash, trash can be disposed of in our Dumpster at the back of the lot. If we have to take out your Trash there will be a $50 charge.


Most of the time when we have an issue at the studio it's because the CLIENT (you) did not relay the rules to their entire cast & crew. This is very important - YOU are RESPONSIBLE for the actions of your crew during your rental in our space. Please, PLEASE! relay these rules to the crew if you book. It can save all of us a headache!

Thank you!

*By Booking you acknowledge that you have read the studio description and rules IN FULL! That you agree to these rules and agree to pay any additional charges as specified. You also understand that If there are problems during your shoot pertaining to the rules, the shoot may be shut down, power will be turned off and you will be asked to leave the building forfeiting all payments that you have made if you cannot abide by the studio rules and policies!*

IN SHORT - It's real simple, Don't be an a$$hat, respect the space we built for you, and let's make some awesome together!

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Ideal Uses

Photo Shooting


Fitting Rooms
Street Level
Handicap Accessible
Air Conditioning
Security System
Garment Rack
Ground Floor
Private Parking
Large Door Entrance
Multiple Rooms
Water Access
Animals Friendly



How Storefront works:

1. Send a request to the owner with no commitment to pay.
2. Ask questions and visit the space. We're here to help when you need it.
3. Book the space as easily as a hotel room.