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Large Event Space,Art Gallery & Music Venue in the Los Angeles Arts District


$3,000.00per day


$3,000.00per day
$3,360.00per weekend day
$13,200.00per week
$36,000.00per month
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Weekday rate$3,000.00
Weekend daily rate$3,360.00
Weekly rate(-37%) $13,200.00
Monthly rate(-60%) $36,000.00
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Space Type:

Rental Capacity:

5,000 sq ft

Minimum Rental:
1 day

Ref Number:

The location

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About this space

This beautiful 5,200 square ft. art gallery currently showcases art from world renowned artists. High ceilings, large windows, track lighting, sky lights and open space makes this a perfect location for private concerts, product launches and events.

Located in curated section of downtown Los Angeles, the Arts District is known for its Famous Murals, Michelin star restaurants and renowned retail shops that surround the venue.

A 16ft. circular stage is perfect for presentations, musical performances, and sponsor advertisements. 3 bars in separate corners of the venue can be staffed and run by you or can be handled by our facility.

Easy access and ample parking make this a perfect location for your next event. We have 50 parking spots in the lot and 75 adjacent.

Nearby points of interest

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Ideal Uses

Photo Shooting


Fitting Rooms
Street Level
Handicap Accessible
Air Conditioning
Sound & Video Equipment
Ground Floor
Large Door Entrance
Water Access
Animals Friendly



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Why Lease Large Event Space, Art Gallery & Music Venue in the Los Angeles Arts District?

Are you looking for an inspirational and creative space for your next event? Look no further than this incredible art gallery and music venue in Los Angeles. This vibrant and unique venue is the perfect location for a wide range of events, from art exhibitions to live music concerts.

What Are the Features of the Large Event Space, Art Gallery & Music Venue in the Los Angeles Arts District?

This spacious venue is located in the heart of Los Angeles, a city renowned for its culture and creativity. It features a large open-plan gallery, a performance stage, and a bar area. The venue is accessible by public transport and has excellent foot traffic. The venue is equipped with a professional sound system, lighting equipment, and a range of other amenities. The space can be tailored to suit any type of event and can accommodate up to 300 people.

What Is the Large Event Space, Art Gallery & Music Venue in the Los Angeles Arts District Ideal For?

This art gallery and music venue are ideal for a wide range of creative events. The space is perfect for art exhibitions, live music concerts, film screenings, theater performances, and other creative events. The large open-plan gallery creates an inspiring atmosphere, while the performance stage and bar area provide the perfect setting for a variety of events.

How to Rent the Large Event Space, Art Gallery & Music Venue in the Los Angeles Arts District?

Renting this unique venue is easy. All you need to do is raise an inquiry on The Storefront platform and a representative will get back to you with more information. You can then arrange a visit to the venue and sign a rental contract. The rental duration can be tailored to suit your needs.