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Clean and Airy Two-level East Village Pop Up Shop with natural light and backyard


$330.00per day


$330.00per day
$390.00per weekend day
$2,040.00per week
$7,800.00per month
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Weekday rate$330.00
Weekend daily rate$390.00
Weekly rate(-12%) $2,040.00
Monthly rate(-21%) $7,800.00
Above your budget? Discuss with the owner


Space Type:

Ground floor street

Rental Capacity:
Entire or Partial

700 sq ft

Minimum Rental:
1 day

Maximum Rental:
2 months

Ref Number:

The location

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About this space

This is an impressive and unique space that celebrates NYC culture within a small bookstore operation and has art on the walls. You have a completely private lower level 300 square foot space with a tranquil patio, and you also can take up the majority of the open space in the middle of the ground floor. You can set up down the middle upstairs in any way that does not obscure access to the books. You set the tone for your store and the front of the store is for collaborative use, as well is the signage. We have found that the NYC art and books always attract more people to your shop or event, if you are open to the public. We essentially become a vendor within your space upstairs, and you have complete privacy downstairs. If NYC culture does not fit in with your theme, this is not the space for you. If it does, this is an amazing affordable opportunity. Often our unobtrusive staff person will sit outside in front under a tree and sell artsy t-shirts and only attend to the books on request. We have excellent dedicated Wi-Fi. The place is comfy clean, with some East Village edge, not white glove inspection clean!

One enters this space on the ground floor with high ceilings and continues into the private downstairs space and a backyard patio! The entire space has views of a huge, beautiful backyard garden. This stand-alone building has an airy and safe feel with abundant natural light on both floors. Perfect for your next pop-up shop, launch party, gallery opening, meeting, workshop, classroom, media needs or a small event or mixer that is not noisy to our neighbors. No music, guests or alcohol after 10pm on either floor.

The space is located near 1st Avenue in the thriving hip area where the East Village, Lower East Side and Noho/ Bowery area converge and two blocks from a subway station. The lower level makes the perfect exclusive hidden drop/pop up shop/breakout/meeting room/dressing room/non-cooking kitchen or room for more vendors. Yes, there is a bathroom.

There are usually 10-15 pieces of art on the walls by NYC raised artists. We prefer to leave the beautiful art up and it usually adds to any event, though under some cases we can help you work around the art, like if you need to put a banner up, etc and in rare instances with proper planning ahead we can discuss removing a piece of art temporarily to satisfy a wall need you may have.

We have three six-foot folding tables, two 3' x 3' square tables, six basic clothing racks and 25 chairs for your use at no additional charge. We also offer free use of a double sided "sandwich board" style signs that hold a total of two 2' wide x 3' tall posters for signage in front of the store.

For retail we suggest opening after 12 Noon in this neighborhood and going as late as 10pm.


ALL CURRENT COVID RESTRICTIONS must be followed, so whatever the restrictions are on your day, if any, they need to be followed. All of our below rules must be agreed to before booking and any associates of the booker, should be made aware of all rules of the space:

1. No music or loud noise is allowed in the outdoor space or upstairs on the main floor beyond acoustic music or music from a non-amplified phone or non-amplified device. All amplified music needs to be downstairs with the door closed, though it can seep upstairs to create background music for upstairs. Music before 7pm must be at a reasonable level like what you would hear in a retail store. We can turn it up a little after 7pm for a more mixer style event. A few people mingling and quietly talking on the outdoor patio is fine, but no yelling or noise that will disturb the neighbors. The door to the patio must remain closed at all times except for quickly opening to walk through. This keeps all noise out of the patio and keeps insects, etc out of the space, as it's attached to a vast green area. Neighbors will call the police if they hear noise. Please be a good neighbor or don't book this space. No music, alcohol or guests allowed after 10pm. Any time booked after 10pm is only for quiet breakdown and cleaning.

2. Alcohol can be served art gallery style like (small servings of wine and beer) for casual enjoyment, but not for intoxication. Alcohol cannot be sold or included in a door charge/ticket/package or be promoted. All food and drinks should be served downstairs. If a guest brings food or drinks upstairs, you are responsible for letting them know not to put any drinks, food or any items on the books.

3. Space should be left broom clean. We have no outdoor trash bin outside, please gather trash and we will put it out. Do not use the neighbors.

4. Any nails/screws/staples, etc put in the wall should be removed and the holes respackled and touched up with flat white paint.

5. NO use of GLITTER or CONFETTI or glitter-like or confetti-like decorations. All decorations should be 100% removed by end of booking.

6. Your guests can stand in front of our space but should not stand in front of the salon next door or impede entrance into their business or stand in front of that salon. We understand people have a right to stand on a public sidewalk, but we want to renew our lease and if you can't control people not standing in front of the business next door, please do not book.

7. No smoking or vaping in the building, either floor. Respectful (to our neighbors) levels of smoking/vaping/420 is allowed in the backyard patio space.

8. No cooking. Those providing food to the general public (non-private) should have proper certification.

9. Always book set up and breakdown times within the booking times. We do not allow people to arrive early or stay late. We often have back-to-back bookings.

10. All people under 18 should be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

11. This is not a public party space, no cover charges or ticketed events.

12. No use of illegal substances or tolerance for illegal activity.

13. We have no storage space. Anything accidentally left behind will be done at your own risk and should be picked up within 24 hours. After 24 hours any items left behind that will be of use to the space like tables, etc will be discarded or incorporated into the public use of the space and we will not be responsible for them. After 7 days all items become part of the non-returnable permanent use of the space, are gifted or discarded. We make no exceptions to this, as we have no storage available.

14. Photographs of the space may change, please visit the space before booking for best view of space.

15. During your booking no art should be moved on walls or books moved in any way.

We retain the right to close down any event that breaks the above rules, with no refund.

Thank you.

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How Storefront works:

1. Send a request to the owner with no commitment to pay.
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