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Eclectic Loft Photo & Video Studio Near Times Square with Bedroom and Faux Bathroom Sink


$800.40per day


$800.40per day
$4,002.00per week
$12,060.00per month
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Daily rate$800.40
Weekly rate(-29%) $4,002.00
Monthly rate(-50%) $12,060.00
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Rental Capacity:

855 sq ft

Minimum Rental:
1 day

Ref Number:

The location

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About this space

Come shoot at our woman-owned-and-operated, 855 square foot studio in the heart of Manhattan. We have a 9-foot seamless paper wall mount system, let us know what color you need. We have sheer curtains for natural light, or blackout curtains that also help dampen outside noise. Our production sets turn our space into a bathroom (just the sink and vanity), bedroom or living room. You have access to our prop and set decoration collection with copyright-free wall art, books, rugs, plants, and tchotchkes. Even our Hollywood vanity-equipped hair and makeup table is shoot-able.

I created this space because as a commercial director/producer and DP, I found it difficult to find affordable studios that looked like a "home." I often make beauty product commercials, and renting a beautiful bathroom for a shoot is surprisingly expensive! And I found renting people’s **actual homes** was chaotic. So I came up with a solution in this space. It’s designed for influencers, agencies and indie filmmakers.

Our studio is steps away from the Port Authority bus terminal, four blocks from Penn Station, near Times Square and easily accessible via Grand Central. We’re by almost every train line in the city. Retail stores like Target and H&M are a 10 minute walk. Great catering options are nearby for lunch and several independent coffee shops are on our block.

Check out our list of add-ons to get the most out of our one-of-a-kind studio.

We have Sony still and cinema cameras, strobe and continuous lighting, audio gear. We have a unique prism photography kit and a shadow-creation kit. You can use this space as a podcast studio (podcast recording equipment available as an add-on).

We work with LVR Rentals across the street, so if you need any rentals beyond what we have in-house, we can rent it for you and at a 20% discount. We can load your gear in the day before your shoot for you, for an extra fee.

Your rental includes these regular studio things:

Verizon Fios Wifi

X4 c-stands with arms

X8 sandbags

x1 seamless paper pull (tell us the color you need)

X1 makeup and hair styling area with mirror and vanity lights, 2 stools

X1 handheld steamer

x4 A-clamps

x6 Plastic small clamps

- a Google Home speaker, you can connect to Spotify

- Access to freight elevator (opens at 7am and closes at 6pm)

- Mini-fridge in studio

- Microwave access in our agency offices one floor up

- Choice of blackout or sheer white curtains - two of our four walls are large windows. We get significant natural light on sunny days until about an hour before sunset.

Your rental also includes these “lifestyle” studio things:

-Our studio has one white wall and one pale blue wall, choose which color you want to shoot on. 11 ft tall unfinished ceilings with a unique teal sprinkler system.

-Copyright-free canvas and photo wall art with command strips - you can make your own gallery wall, or bring in your own art

-A plethora of fake plants, from large to small

-Access to our set decoration kit - items like textiles, sculptures, vases

-Furniture: two choices of rugs, mid-century modern faux leather couch and coffee table, white closed storage end table, gray nesting tables, accent chair, floor lamp, books

A choice of one of the following:

----A bathroom production set with a faux sink and mirror, bathroom decor & props - ask us about our special tips and tricks for making it look realistic

-----A bedroom set with natural wood bed frame, mattress, white bedding, four pillows, sheets, an end table, and art. Looks very “Urban Outfitters” with our sheer curtains.

----You can use all three sets for an additional cost. See our add-ons!

Some other important notes:

Audio recording - We’re on the 15th floor and face the side of the building and don’t find the space very noisy outside of typical NYC sirens, honks, etc. Our blackout curtains help dampen sound. While we personally shoot our own productions and record audio in this space, we cannot guarantee there will not be a surprise jackhammer on the day of your shoot.

How many people can fit in this space?

We recommend no more than 10 people for a photo or video shoot, but will book up to 12. Let's talk if you'd like to bring additional people.

For events, we recommend 25 people and will not accept bookings of more than 30.

This studio does not have a private bathroom. A key is used to enter the men and women's bathrooms in the hall. These are shared by the other offices on the floor.

Please be respectful of our neighbors.

Security Deposit of $200 required.

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