Webinar recording: The Do’s and Don’ts of a
Successful Pop-Up Store


They Trust Us:

A pop-up store is an essential touchpoint with your customers.

Designed for short term impact, pop-up shops provide a low-cost way to connect with customers offline, while boosting your sales. Today, the pop-up retail industry is worth an estimated $50 billion USD, and brands of all sizes are tapping into the undeniable power of pop-up stores to drive business, test new markets, and experiment!

Storefront hosted a special webinar that discussed the Do’s and Don’ts of a successful pop-up store. Joining the webinar was Jennifer Braunschweiger, Vice President Brand Marketing at MM.LaFleur and Gabriela Baiter, founder of Whereabout Studio.

In this recording you’ll learn about:

  • their retail strategy and success metrics
  • what to look for in terms of times and location for your project
  • how they promote their pop-up stores

You’ll learn about:

  • What is a Pop-up Shop?
  • Budget
  • Timing your Pop-up Shop
  • Staffing & Operations
  • Launching
  • Defining your goals
  • Location, Location, Location
  • Designing your Pop-up Shop
  • Marketing your Pop-up Shop

Jennifer Braunschweiger is the Vice President, Brand Marketing for MM.LaFleur, a clothing and styling company for professional women. Her expertise is in digital storytelling and thought leadership about issues of interest to women in the workplace.

Gabriela Baiter is the Founder and Creative Director of Whereabout, an experiential studio that helps online brands scale up through pop-ups and in-store experiences.

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“ Our sales have also gone up [from the pop-up store], mainly because of the clothes we selected to sell that were reflective of both seasonal trends and trends in Dallas (picking the right clothes to sell is a very important part of getting a good sales number!). The 3-day event netted us at $80k.”


“ The pop-up allowed customers to develop an emotional connection with all that Huda embodies in the brand and enabled them to enter her world and physically experience it.”


“By far Storefront was the most proactive and responsive to our request for the right rental space. It wasn’t just the speed to meet our requirements. What differentiated Storefront, is that they ‘got our vision’ for our business. When Storefront told us that a staircase in Mayfair was available at a reasonable cost, we jumped at the chance”
“I just love how easy [Storefront] is. This is my first real business…and Storefront gave me a better idea of what I was getting into.”