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The chicest European capital is home to Fashion Week.

Paris Fashion Week marks the end of the month long fashion circuit. It’s a highly reputable event that features hundreds of fashion designers and brands – and some of the most anticipated runway shows – in one of the most creative of European capital cities.

Storefront provides the opportunity to easily find and book the perfect space for your Showroom or Pop-up Store during Paris Fashion Week.

So why not browse our available spaces below or contact us to have a Storefront Expert guide you through the process and make recommendations for your project?

Our pick for the top PFW showrooms

Incredible Saint-Honore Showroom

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Modern showroom in prime location

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Prestigious showroom in the Marais

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Our pick for the top PFW show spaces

Incredible show space in Place Vendome

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Light-filled show space in the Marais

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One-of-a-kind show space near Bastille

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Learn from these successful Showrooms

The importance of a showroom by Oscar Tresandi at Chalayan: “where the trade is made”!

At Storefront, we are proud to work with the brand Chalayan founded by the British designer Hussein Chalayan, the “weaver of different worlds”.

For every Fashion Week, and this upcoming one is no exception, Storefront finds Chalayan’s seasonal short-term showroom in Paris. We asked Oscar Tresandi, Head of Sales at Chalayan, to tell us a bit about his Showroom experience for Fashion Week, and to give us the keys to success!

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Pandora organises its Press Day with Storefront

Pandora, the Danish jewellery brand, arrived in France in 2012 and has been experiencing a strong growth ever since. Today, it’s the 3rd jeweller in the world with 2,400 stores around the world.

The jeweller puts everything in place to increase its popularity and constantly monitor its brand image. In Paris, on June 12 2017, Pandora settled in the very chic rue Saint-Honoré in the Opéra neighborhood to showcase its fall-winter collection during a press day.

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Rihanna & Puma Launch Fashion Week Showroom in Paris with Storefront

The event saw a global press frenzy, a live-streamed show and another incredible collection to add to their list of collaborative wins.

Avid Instagram viewers got to watch Rihanna prep the models before they entered the runway, getting a look at the latest products before the press and guests. A poignant example of using social media to make a statement on where the real buying power lies; over 100,000 people watched the Instagram Live video, with comments flowing unreadably fast.

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