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Your Storefront Listing is free to create and free to have live. Showcase your space, chat with potential renters, manage your calendar and make secure payments.


To be visible to renters searching for spaces on the Storefront platform, you will need to subscribe. Subscriptions are billed monthly but we offer a no strings-attached 45 day free trial!

3. Boost

When you’re up and running, consider Boosting your Listing to get ahead of the competition. Boosted Listings receive the most views, inquires and bookings.

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Three reasons to list your space with Storefront

1. Free Trial

Creating a listing takes less than five minutes and your first 45 days of visibility are free. No credit card details are required to create your listing.

2. Connect with amazing projects

Thousands of potential renters use Storefront every day to find spaces for their projects. Connect, make bookings and get paid through the Storefront platform.

3. Maximize your visibility

You’re in control of who, when and how renters book your space. Boost your listing to increase the number of people who see your space and the number of inquiries you receive.

How to Succeed with Storefront

Maximize your space’s potential

Keep your listings up to dateReply quicklyAdd payments detailsBoost your space
  • Enter your daily price so that it is publicly displayed. Pricing is necessary to get relevant requests from qualified renters who can afford your space.
  • Photos are your most important marketing tool. Listings with at least six high-quality photos taken from a variety of angles get more bookings than those without.
  • Update your availability calendar to show prospective renters when they can book.
  • Respond to inquiries within 48 hours.  Projects often find a new space within five days – keep a competitive edge with a speedy reply.
  • Enable SMS notifications to close deals faster. Hosts with SMS notifications enabled are more likely to be able to start a conversation and get a quote within 24 hours.
  • Always accept payments through the Storefront platform. Add your bank account information to get faster bookings. Then you can pre-approve brands to rent your space. Learn more about collecting payments here.
  • Boost your space to appear higher in the search results. Once your listing is live you have the option to Boost your listing with a monthly subscription. Boosted listings appear at the top of relevant searches and consistently receive more views, inquiries and bookings.

How to List Your Space

Listing your space on the Storefront platform is easy

  • It takes 5 minutes
  • Take some great photos
  • Get your contact and payment details ready

Find more renters with amazing photos

  • Take professional photos
  • Write a top-notch space description
  • Put down the right pricing
Photo guide


Here’s what our landlords say about Storefront

Any type of space can thrive on Storefront, from vacant retail space to industrial lofts.

Our renters are looking for long-term retail leases, short-term pop-up stores, product launches, fashion showrooms, meeting rooms, art galleries and more!

Maximize Your Storefront Listing

Once it’s published, Boost it.

Boost your listing for more inquiries

  • Once you’ve created your listing in the Storefront platform you will have the option to Boost it.
  • Boosted listings appear at the top of search results, outranking similar spaces.
  • Boosted listings receive more views, inquiries and bookings.
  • Boosting a listing is a monthly subscription that can be canceled at any time.
  • The cost to Boost a listing depends on the type of space and location.
  • When your listing is live you will see a Boost button next to each listing in the ‘manage listings’ section of the platform.

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List your space and start generating income today 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to list my space?

It is free to have a Listing on the Storefront platform. However, in order to be visible to potential renters in the Storefront Search results you will need to have a paid monthly subscription. We offer a 45-day free trial for this visibility. No credit card or payment details are required to start the free trial.

What is meant by ‘visible to renters’?

Free Listings (those not part of a paid monthly subscription) do not appear in the Storefront Search results when a renter searches for a space. If you a Listing is benefitting from the Storefront 45-day free trial they will appear in the Storefront Search Results.

What do you get with a free Storefront Listing?

Storefront Listings that are not benefitting from a free trial or are not part of a paid subscription no longer appear in the Search results when a potential renter searches for spaces.

The Listing still exists and the URL (weblink) remains live. Listing Owners with these Listings can still use the URL to showcase their spaces and have access to the messaging platform, calendar and Storefront’s secure payment processes.

Listings that are not visible to potential renters will often be suggested to renters by Storefront marketplace operators and have the possibility of featuring in our monthly newsletters. However, such listings will receive fewer requests than those in the Free trial or with a paid subscription.

What about the transaction fee?

Storefront takes 20% of the rental price as a transaction fee. This all comes out of what the renters pays. When you set your price in the platform you will clearly see how much you will receive per transaction.

How long does the free trial last?

Storefront offers a free trial of 45 days for new listings. After 45 days you will have to upgrade to a paid subscription to keep your Listing visible to potential renters in the Storefront Search Results.

What happens if the trial ends and I don’t upgrade?

At the end of the 45-day free trial if you do not upgrade to a paid subscription your listing will automatically stop appearing in search results. Such Listings will remain live and will have access to all of Storefront’s features but will receive far fewer inquiries.

Can I reactivate an offline space?

Once a space is no longer visible o renters in the Storefront search results you will need to upgrade to a paid subscription to make it visible again. As soon as you subscribe your listing will be visible to renters and you will start to receive inquires again.

Can I just create another space and make use of the free trial again?

Unfortunately not. Duplicate Listings will not be approved and any such Listings will not go live until the Listing Owner upgrades to a paid subscription.

How much does the Subscription cost?

After your 45-day free trial has finished you will need to upgrade to a paid subscription to keep your Listing visible to renters. The subscription is a monthly price that varies country to country. In the United States it costs $49 a month. Prices for other countries are similar but vary slightly depending on currency.

How do I set up a listing?

It takes less than 5 minutes to set up a listing. Check out this guide on how to list a space or click here to get started.

Can I speak to the renter?

You can use the chat function to speak with renters in the platform. After you have worked with us for a while you will be able to speak directly with them by clicking the ‘Request To Call Back’ button. This will allow you to arrange a time to have a call with the brand. Please note: This functionality is not available to everyone and we reserve the right to remove it if we feel it is not being used responsibly.

How long does it take for a payment to process after it has been approved?

It usually takes 3-7 business days to process your payment.

How do I arrange visit?

Once you have confirmed your availability with the contact, you can click the button that say “Arrange
a visit” here you can suggest multiple dates and times that the brand can select.

What kind of renters and brands use Storefront?

A broad range of brands and renters use Storefront to find venues and spaces for their projects. From high street apparel to
high end showrooms and corporate events. If you make it clear in your Listing what types of renters your space is
most suited to (including, event type, description, minimum duration, pricing etc.) you should only receive inquiries
from renters within your target demographic.

Does Storefront organise the viewings?

We do not organise viewings if you manage the Listing. A select number of Storefront Listings are operated by the Storefront Concierge Team but this is only for a very small number of listings and is a billable service (you will probably have to pay for it).
If you would like Storefront to manage your listing (including visits) please let us know and we will see if it’s something we are able to accommodate. There may be a fee involved. The best option will be for you to arrange your own viewings
with renters.

What types of space can I list on Storefront?

All types of commercial real estate perform well on the Storefront platform. Anything from retail, photo studios and art galleries, to showrooms and warehouses. We attract a broad range of renters looking for all manner of use cases. Short term and long term.

What do I do when the brand wishes to extend a booking or rebook?

If the brand wishes to rebook, please instruct the brand to go back to the Storefront Listing and rebook.
This is part of Storefront’s terms and conditions of usage and if you do not correctly follow this process we reserve the right
to pursue any guilty parties for breaching the terms and conditions.

Can I refuse a project?

Yes you can you can refuse a project if you feel the inquiry does not suit you or your Listing.

Is there a video walkthrough for listing my space?

Listing your space with Storefront takes five minutes. We have created a video walkthrough on how to list a space that can be found here.

How can I get more bookings from my Storefront listing?

Once your listing(s) has been published on Storefront you are immediately visible to potential tenants and able to start receiving inquiries. However, it is highly recommended that you scroll up and read the ‘How to succeed with Storefront‘ section of this page.

A highly optimised and well-managed listing will receive more inquiries and you will get more out of the Storefront platform. Optimising and managing your listing is straightforward, easy, and well worth the few minutes it will take.

We have created this video to help you.

You can also Boost your listing for a monthly subscription. This is done after your listing is published and live and will ensure your listing is one of the first relevant prospective renters see when searching the Storefront platform.