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Increase visibility, get more customers and additional bookings


Storefront’s Listing Owner Services

  • Boost the visibility of your listings in the Storefront platform by advertising them
  • Receive more enquiries and more bookings

Read more below or click here to head over to your listing to boost it.

Boost your space
$500 per month (billed monthly)

Get featured in a Storefront newsletter
$300 per newsletter

When you take out a Boost subscription you gain access to a discounted ($250) newsletter send

Boost your listing
$500 per month
Get more views, requests and bookings by appearing at the top of search results.

Feature a listing in a Storefront newsletter
$300 per send (60K+ contacts)
Get exposure to an active, engaged database of over 60,000 contacts segmented by geography and industry.

Storefront services
Storefront services

Three easy steps

Promote your listing today!

1. Hit the boost button

This will take you to the payment page.

2. Sign up

Decide whether you want to boost your space or for an additional $250 have your listing featured in a Storefront newsletter.

3. Get exposure

As soon as you make payment, your listing will receive a boost and will appear more prominently in the Storefront search results.

How it works

Receive more bookings

Boost your space in the Storefront searchFeature in a Storefront Newsletter
  • Boost your space. Your listing will appear more prominently for people searching for listings that match your listing’s features, characteristics and availability.
  • Boost feature lasts a month. When you boost a listing the benefits of that boost last a month.
  • Limited number of boosted listings. This is to continue to ensure the quality and relevancy of our search results.
  • A boosted listing won’t necessarily appear as the first result.  It’s important to remember that the search algorithm is complex and just because a listing is boosted it doesn’t mean it will always appear as the first result.
  • Your listing will feature in a Storefront newsletter. Your listing will be one of four highlighted listings included in one of our newsletters.
  • Storefront representatives will assist you. We’ll help you choose which segment is best suited to your space and most likely to generate the types of visitors and inquiries you want.
  • Relevant contacts: All recipients of Storefront newsletters are segmented based on the characteristics of spaces and projects they have previously shown an interest in.

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?

It costs $500 to promote a space for a month and $250 to feature in a Storefront newsletter.

Can I choose who is sent my listing in the newsletter?

Storefront sends monthly newsletters to different audiences segmented by a number of factors including industry, interest and geography. You will be able to choose the segment or segments you feel are the most relevant. A Storefront representative will be explain the different segments and provide guidance.

How long does it last?

Each boost payment boosts that listing for a month. After that month if the boost subscription is cancelled the listing will revert to its original position in the algorithm. See our Terms and Conditions (Boost Listing Subscription) for more information.

Can I cancel at any time?

You can cancel a boost subscription at any time. The listing will continue to receive the benefits of the boost for the rest of that month period but will revert to its original position when the month has elapsed. See our Terms and Conditions (Boost Listing Subscription) for more information.

Can I pay after the newsletter is sent or listing promoted?

No. A listing cannot be promoted until payment is made in Stripe. Work will only start on the newsletter once payment has been received.

Sounds great, how do I get started?

Awesome. Click here to start promoting your listing.

Will my listing appear at the top of the search results when I boost it?

Not necessarily. Your listing will appear more prominently and will feature above equivalent listings, however, should there be a listing that is considerably more suited to the searcher’s requirements it may well appear above your boosted listing. This is in order to protect the quality of our search results.

How does the Storefront search work?

The Storefront search algorithm is complex and we don’t want to give away our secret sauce. However, in simple terms it matches potential renters with the listings we feel are most likely to be what they’re searching for based on what they do on the Storefront website and what we know abut them. We also include a number of other factors such as responsiveness of a listing owner, completeness of their profile and availability.

I don’t have a Storefront listing but I have a space I wish to promote, what do I do?

In order to promote your space you need to already have it as a listing on the Storefront platform. The good news is that listing a space is completely free and only takes a few minutes. Click here to list a space.