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Storefront is the world's leading online marketplace for renting short term retail space.

We aim to make 94% of offline retail accessible to any business.
Our Vision

It's an exciting time for entrepreneurs, e-commerce companies and large brands. Offline channels drive 94% of retail sales and allow brands to connect with their customers in a personal way. Retail is no longer about buying products but rather it's about providing an experience that consumers delight in. We are building the future of retail by making it more engaging, more transparent and more productive. Our vision is to make retail globally accessible.

Making a Difference

Numbers speak louder than words, and our numbers clearly show why Storefront is the leader in our industry.

Reduced Cost

Average cost to open a pop-up on Storefront


Average cost to open a traditional brick and mortar store *

Faster Setup
12 days

Average time to rent space on Storefront

60 days

Average time to set up a retail store *

Increased Sales

Average sales per square foot for top pop-ups on Storefront


Sales per square foot in an average retail environment *

Our Guiding Principles

We take pride in our work and in putting people first. These are our core values that we strive for every day.


Our customers always come first


We use data to inform our decisions


We continuously seek feedback


We are in it for the long term

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