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Webinar: Why Brands Choose Short-term Retail

Storefront worked in collaboration with the University of South Carolina College of Retail to survey hundreds of brands and retailers globally about their opinion on pop-up stores and why they choose short-term retail. We’ll be presenting these results and insights with a webinar on Tuesday, June 4th 2019.

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Video: The Dos and Don'ts of a Successful Pop-up Store

Storefront hosted a special webinar on the subject of the Dos and Dont’s of a successful pop-up store. Participating in the webinar were Jennifer Braunschweiger, Vice President Brand Marketing at MM.LaFleur and Gabriela Baiter, founder of Whereabout Studio.

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The E-commerce guide

As an e-commerce brand, it’s so important for you to meet your customers offline. This guide covers everything you need to know to launch a pop-up store for your e-commerce brand, including tips and tricks to generate lots of buzz, create a memorable in-store experience and strengthen customer relationships.

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The Fashion and Apparel Pop-up Guide

Pop-up stores restore a sense of excitement and interaction into the shopping experience. For fashion brands and retailers, there’s no better time to boost your business than with a short-term space to introduce a new concept.

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Why create a pop-up store?

A pop-up store is an effective marketing tool, a revenue-generator, and thanks to Storefront, super simple to book! In this infographic, we uncover the top reasons to open a pop-up store.

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Retail trends and the rise of Pop-up stores

Over the past few years, the rise of e-commerce and mass migration to digital channels by traditional retailers has been interpreted as marking the end of brick-and-mortar stores. In reality, as the forces of disruption continue to press forward, we can see that the digital is not replacing but rather adding a dimension to traditional retail

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In our guide, you’ll discover the best times of the year to launch a pop-up store, from Valentine’s Day to the holidays to Art Basel. This international calendar will guide you on all of the local country events that should not be missed.

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Create buzz with a pop-up store

Whether you’re launching a new product, announcing a new collaboration, or supporting a seasonal event, opening a pop-up store is an ideal format to get maximum visibility. If you’re looking to generate buzz, get media coverage and get a ton of foot-traffic, this is the perfect guide for you.

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The ultimate pop-up guide

Pop-up shops are here to stay in a big way. Defined as temporary retail stores that spring up in vacant spaces, pop-up shops do more than just bring life to empty storefronts. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the process of creating a pop-up shop experience that will leave a lasting impression with your customers.

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