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Nothing Temporary Here: Pop-up Retail Is a Marketing Mainstay

Pop-up retail has been trending as a result of business owners looking to test new concepts, sites, markets and products in a low-risk, low-cost way.

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The On-Demand Economy And Retail: Is The Tipping Point Upon Us?

We’ve all heard the rhetoric of the retail apocalypse and predictions that online commerce will wipe out retail as we know it. It’s not happening.

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The Monocle Guide to Shops, Kiosks and Markets | Q&As with Experts

Q+A with the 'Pop-Up Player', Storefront CEO, Mohamed Haoauche

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The Anatomy of a Pop-up Shop

Pop-up shops are evolving and taking on greater importance as brands lean into direct-to-consumer efforts and retail real estate firms see it as a robust driver of traffic. Pop-ups are also being used for experimentation as well as to connect brands and consumers in an authentic way.

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Storefront, Ivanhoé Cambridge partner on pop-up retail

Storefront, the world’s largest online marketplace for renting short-term retail space, has teamed up with Ivanhoé Cambridge to enter the Canadian market.

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Storefront launches in Korea

Storefront, the world’s largest online marketplace for short-term retail space, has officially launched in Seoul. Retail vacancy rates in Korea are on the rise due to a prolonged recession, and more brands are diverting their interests from traditional retail to offer a quality experience to customers in the form of pop-up stores and short-term leases.

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Once unthinkable, short-term leases show malls are adapting to new revenue models.

For companies considering a mall pop-up, the holiday shopping season might be the ideal time. Lego has one at Smith Haven Mall in Lake Grove, New York. Two online sellers that helped hurt malls are now coming back to them.

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Tech Giants And Mini Department Stores Change The Face Of Pop-Up Retail

“Every time someone mentions the retail apocalypse, it’s great for our business.” Storefront head of U.K. business development Charlie Farr is musing on a transformational year for pop-up retail. The pop-up retail platform estimates more than 10,000 pop-up stores have been launched in the U.K. in 2018.

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‘A lovely irony’: DTC brands are flocking toward multibrand physical retail spaces

In recent years, online brands have realized that a physical storefront is necessary to propel sales growth; according to JLL, U.S. e-commerce retailers will build 850 physical stores in the next five years.

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Interview: Storefront CEO On How To Use Pop-Ups To Test New Markets & Geographies

The retail startup's CEO, Mohamed Haouache, lends his insights on short-term retail and China's fast-growing place in the future of retail (physical and otherwise)

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Spotify Accompanies Album Drop With Dedicated Popup Store

Spotify highlighted the release of a French vocalist's album with a physical pop-up event, made possible by Storefront, offering guests exclusive services and performance from the artist

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Why Pop-Up Shops Keeping Popping Up

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Spotlight Series: Interview with The Storefront CEO, Mohamed Haouache

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