Art Basel in Miami

December marks the start of Miami-based Art Basel. The event is a convergence of artists from across the globe, allowing them to showcase works ranging from sculptures to film and paintings to photography.

This international art fair features paintings, sculptures, installations and photographs from over 4,000 artists all around the world, transforming the city into a haven for young designers, artists, influencers and brands. Whether you’re looking to showcase your art, cash in on the big scene, or feature a new fashion or design collection, Storefront can help you pop up store during the extravaganza.

Even if you’re not a retailer in the fine art space, Art Basel Miami Events could be the perfect opportunity for your next pop-up store or event. Here’s how and why you might want to open a pop-up shop at Art Basel:

Targeted Audience

Art Basel draws more than 75,000 attendees — that’s more than 75,000 opportunities to introduce consumers to your brand, not to mention make a few sales. What’s valuable about the Art Basel audience is that it’s a specific demographic. You already know information about these consumers: their interest in art and probably a higher-than-average spending power. Plus, this also tells you how to create an experience that they’ll not only enjoy, but remember and share.

It’s also a global audience, so you’re introducing yourself to new audiences elsewhere so they can shop your online shop after they return home from the event.

Pop up Space for Miami Art Basel

Who It’s Good For

The focus on art and creativity during Art Basel extends to the area’s pop-up shops. That, combined with the audience, makes the event an especially viable opportunity for specific types of retailers and brands:

  • Fashion brands
  • Luxury brands
  • Travel brands 

Creativity is rewarded here, and it’s essential if you want to stick out in a crowd of outside-the-box thinkers and makers. In 2015, for example, the wildly popular #WELLCURATED’s salon and pop-up shop was poolside, complete with live music performances.

Many artists themselves are jumping into the pop-up scene too — and they’re met with lots of support. Young Artist Initiative, for example, hosted the RAW Pop-Up Store in 2017 that featured up-and-coming artists’ works. (Tip: If you don’t have art-related products yourself, you could use a pop-up store as an opportunity to show your support for the art community and showcase artists instead of products.)

Miami Art Basel

Find Spaces Last-Minute

Be it your own products or the work of emerging creatives, it’s never too late to open a pop-up store of your own during Miami Art Basel. Miami Art Basel Spaces are still available to rent. (Storefront tip: Look for something closer to Miami Beach, since that’s where the event is based, and you’ll also get additional foot traffic from the area’s pedestrians.) Here are our top 5!

  1. Huge Outdoor Studio and Event Space in Wyndwood
Pop up Space for Miami Art Basel

This is an outdoor studio and event space located in Wynwood Art District. Truly an urban oasis, our Backlot offers both flexibility and privacy, in the heart of one of the country’s trendiest neighborhoods.

2.  Beautiful Miami Beach Event Space

Beautiful Miami Beach Event Space

Located in one of Miami’s most desirable and beautiful waterfront neighborhoods; Sunset Harbour. This one of a kind event space is perfect to accommodate any request such as a Pop-Up gallery, activation, photo/film shoot, or corporate event.

3. Perfect South Beach Shop Close to Lincoln Road

Perfect South Beach Shop Close to Lincoln Road

This space has a spacious ground floor plus mezzanine space just off Lincoln Road. It is steps away from Miami Beach Convention Center and is an ideal location for an art gallery or retail boutique.

4. Prime Miami Beach Boutique in High Visibility Area

Prime Miami Beach Boutique in High Visibility Area

This space is a beautiful white box retail space located on the prime intersection with frontage on 8th and Washington Avenue, the main artery connecting South Beach and the Entertainment District.

Storefront Pops Up For Art Basel Miami Beach

Thousands of brands, influencers, artists, and consumers flocked to Miami for Art Basel. Featuring an enormous showcase of art, buzz-worthy galleries, and hundreds of parties. Art Basel attracts people from all over the world, and many brands are cashing in on the scene.

From influencer events to pop-up stores, retailers have booked spaces through Storefront. Right in the midst of the action to attract new customers and build their own buzz. Here are a few:

The Fit Executive

The Fit Executive is a concierge service connecting individuals to alternative medicine experts. Choosing this pop-up space in Miami‘s Bubble City. The brand wanted to offer a ‘reboot’ bubble to restore energy and mental focus during Art Basel, providing nutritious food, snacks and treatments.

Pop ups by Storefront - Miami Art Basel Week

“All of our business is online and our customers wanted something tangible. We have an online boutique where you can buy all the products from the companies we partner with. We wanted to do something to increase brand awareness and make people health-conscious. Art Basel is a very hectic event and we wanted to create a space to restore,” states Nikki from The Fit Executive.

As the brand’s first “retail” experience, they wanted to add a different element to the Art Basel Festivities. “The idea is to have a reboot, which is revolutionary here, as everyone is into booze,” Natasha Litvinov, the CEO of The Fit Executive, says. 

Miami Art Basel by Storefront



Lames and Nerds is a Florida-based clothing line that sells crewnecks and hoodies for men and women. The company started in 2016 and chose to pop up space for the first time during Art Basel this year.

“I went with Bubble City because it was the most reasonable for space and right next to a major event,” states the LERDS CEO. “This is my first official pop-up store but I’ve done smaller temporary spaces at high schools and at their football games, in Downtown Sanford, FL.” 

Storefront Success Story - Miami Art Basel

Popping up for Art Basel Miami, the brand wanted to stand out in the Bubble City space. “Different things sell in person and just having the in-store experience gets you closer to the brand,” the LERDS CEO adds.

And while he’s thinking about opening a brick-and-mortar location, he admits that’s a “whole different market.” “I just love how easy [Storefront] is. This is my first real business…and Storefront gave me a better idea of what I was getting into.”

Attend Other Art Basel Events

If you’re not able to make it down to Miami in time, there are other Art Basel events — like the Hong Kong Art Basel, China and one in Basel, Switzerland. Or, make your debut in Miami and reacquaint yourself with attendees at an international Art Basel event to further familiarize consumers with your brand. That consistent presence also associates your brand with a highly regarded industry event.

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