Milan Fashion Week: Book A Showroom in 3 Clicks!

Milan Fashion Week (MFW) is the perfect week to book a showroom and showcase your collection. Duomo, Brera, the Quadrilatero della Moda … the capital of fashion and chic is waiting for you to book a short-term space and draw in customers! Discover our exclusive selection of top 10 showrooms not to be missed for Milan Fashion Week and book it in 3 clicks on Storefront.

1- Bright Showroom in Tortona – 80m²

2- Huge industrial-style showroom in Porta Romana – 340m²

3- Grand showroom space in Brera with a clean aesthetic – 1 100m²

4- Modern showroom and arts showcase in Brera – 17m²

5- Showroom in Porta Venezia with tons of character – 450m²

6- Grand showroom in Quadrilatero Della Moda – 200m²

7- Superb showroom in Navigli with an artsy aesthetic- 72m²

8- Large showroom with tons of history in Milan – 160m²

9- Unique showroom space with tons of history in Milan – 120m²

10- Historic showroom with a huge presence in Corso Vittorio Emanuele II – 170m²


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Allison Hékimian

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