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China is within your reach

Storefront is on a mission to help entrepreneurs discover China, unlock their potential, and succeed in this region. It’s a unique moment to expand in Asia! Our organization has a proven track record teaming up with Founders, Entrepreneurs, Startups – helping them to scale their business across Asian markets. By leveraging our networks, and tapping into our local market expertise, we help build sustainable businesses and work hand-in-hand as stakeholders to build long-term winners.

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Get up and running online

Do you need help starting a program on WeChat or opening an online store on TMall?
We can quickly get you up and running on the key Chinese ecommerce and social media platforms.
We will also help you prepare your own web offering to suit the local market.
– WeChat – Tmall Store – Little Red Book – Weibo

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Inside China’s legal system

Understand the legalities

Whether you want to incorporate a company in the Popular Republic of China or have a question related to the regulations, our experts are here to provide you the answers.
– Company formation (WOFE: Wholly-Foreign-Owned-Enterprise), Representative Office (RO)
– Corporate Law
– Dispute resolution/ Litigation
– Labor Law
– Intellectual Property Law
– Trademark registration

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Get up and running online in China

We can help you set up everything you’ll need to operate successfully in China. 
– Company secretary
– Correspondence Address / Virtual Office
– Bank account opening
– First recruitment
– Working visas
– Import/ Export
– Storage

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CHina marketing

Marketing agency services

How to market your business in China

Our marketing experts can help you generate business for your products in China. We can help with:
– Branding
– Press Release
– KOL & Influencers
– Campaigns

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Research and strategic planning

Understand the market and plan accordingly

We can help you set up everything Starting in a new market can be an intimidating challenge. Above all, preparation and the right research is key.  Understanding your audience and how you’re going to reach them is key.
Our market experts will lead industry and market research, make competitive analysis and build a market entry strategy.
We’ll help you build a strategy to enable you to confidently and successfully launch in China.

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China research

CHina marketing

Product and business registration

Ensure you are properly registered

Understanding how to correctly register your business and products in a new marketplace is critically important.
We’ll help make sure you’re fully up to speed with all the requirements – allowing you to concentrate on getting up and running.
– Product registration and certification by local authorities
– Compliance with the regulations
– Translation of labels and mandatory information

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Translation services

Speak the right language

Communicating with your new customers is key. We can help you not only with language but with cultural differences. Ensuring you are conveying the right message at all times and across all platforms.
– Mandarin (simplified Chinese)
– English
– French
– Spanish
– Italian

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China translation

Accounting and taxation

Ensure your finances are compliant

A new market requires a new approach to accounting and taxation. Our experts will make sure you are correctly set up and up to speed with all local requirements.
– Accounting
– Audit
– Tax filing
– Registration of mortgages and charges

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China accounting

Launch in china

Launching your business in China need not be intimidating. We are here to help you every step of the way. Our experts have done exactly what you’re planning many times before and can support you through the process. You’ll be up and running in no time.

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