Flexible booking, stress-free cancelations and incredible deals


Is now the time for physical retail?

As the world emerges from lockdown, brands and businesses are looking for ways to get back on track. We’ve been through a dark time but now is the time to start planning for the future.

A time to be brave

At Storefront we are here and ready to help your business grow. We want to help you reach your customers, grow your brand and bounce back from this. Together, we can do it.

However, we understand there is uncertainty and with so much at stake, you may feel hesitant to commit. With this in mind we have made some significant changes to how we help you. All designed to introduce flexibility and give you peace of mind.

But first…

Why pop-up now ?

1. Unprecedented deals

Landlords are keen to get their properties occupied and people back out shopping. We have been able to negotiate some astonishing slashed prices.

2. Incredible locations

Dreamed of having a shop in Oxford Street, Le Marais or Fifth Avenue? Now could be the time to make that dream a reality. Not only will it be much cheaper to do so but landlords are having to be much more flexible as to who they take on.

3. Shift stock

Are you sitting on a big pile of stock you have been unable to shift? A short-term pop-up is a perfect opportunity to clear that stock and generate some revenue.

4. Reach new customers

Are you a digital brand that’s experienced growth in the past few months? If so, now is the time to step into physical retail and grow your brand by reaching new audiences. 

Why work with Storefront?

Best price – we are the trusted partner of all the major landlords in all the major cities around the world and are hard at work negotiating some seriously eye-watering discounts.

Peace of mind – all our projects are refundable. Should we need to move or cancel your event it won’t cost you a penny.

Flexible – we are flexible and should you need to shift and move your project our team of experts will be on hand to arrange the best solution for you.

Flexible payment

Spread the cost

We ask for a 10% deposit at booking but the balance is not due until 30 days before the event. If you need to cancel before payment is due we will refund you the deposit in full.

Fully refundable

Risk free

If you have to cancel your event and do so 30 days before the start date we will refund your booking. (Storefront Service Fees are refunded with a Credit Note valid for 18 months)

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Why physical retail?

People have spent weeks and months restricted to their homes and browsing the internet, buying little but the bare essentials. When it is safe to venture out they will want to let their hair down and treat themselves. 

Ecommerce has boomed while people have been shut in their houses but there is so much that physical retail can offer that its online equivalent cannot. The ‘new normal’ may include evolved online purchasing behaviour but offline will continue to play a critical role. Physical retail offers an experience that the digital cannot hope to match.

What about safety?

No one can accurately predict what the requirements for stores and shops operating under the shadow of covid-19 will be. It will vary from country to country and potentially even from city to city.

What we do know is that what is legally required will not necessarily be the most important factor. Brands planning physical retail in any form should focus more on what their customers will expect and put in place methods and processes that address customer concerns and make it clear they are putting safety and wellbeing first. Brands that are able to allay customer concerns will succeed.

If you are unsure and need some help we are happy to talk through your challenges and help you get to a solution. We are working with many brands across a multitude of countries and can draw on that knowledge to help you create the best strategy.