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2019 has countless opportunities for your next pop-up store. In our guide, you’ll discover the best times of the year to launch a pop-up store, from Valentine’s Day to the holidays to Art Basel. This international calendar will guide you on all of the local country events that should not be missed. Start 2019 in style by planning all of your pop-up shops and events well in advance. Our brand new guide is here to give you lots of ideas! Start today.

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Ben L.
“Great platform. Saved us so much time & money! We had to launch under a very tight deadline (seasonal product) and the task seemed daunting… Came Storefront and we were in business in a great location. Thanks again to Sophie and the rest of the team to making it happen. Until next year...
Jason B.

“Amazing workspaces in a wide range of big cities worldwide. The website is nice and well organized. The helpline is very reactive, all my answers in less than 1 minute. Helpful tips given for free. Good job and thanks @thestorefront!”
Napoleon S.
“Very good experience, large choices of places, I was very happy with the advice I was given. Two thumbs up !”
Stef K.
“Great spaces. Found many interesting options for my pop-up.”