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Thursday, September 17, 2020

Inspiring young entrepreneur gives old books a new chapter with pop up for her online secondhand bookstore

A 15-year-old entrepreneur who started her own business in order to reduce the waste of throwing out old books recently ran a successful pop-up store in Hong Kong.

  • 15-year-old Bailey Cherry started reBooked in 2019 to sustainably redistribute her old books
  • The non-profit social enterprise is Hong Kong’s first online second hand bookstore
  • reBooked partnered with Storefront to run its first physical pop-up store

A 15-year-old entrepreneur who started her own business in order to reduce the waste of throwing out old books recently ran a successful pop-up store in Hong Kong.

Bailey Cherry started bookstore reBooked in 2019 when she couldn’t find a way to sustainably dispose of her much loved children’s books. Not wanting them to go to landfill she realised she could give them a new home by selling them second hand online.

After a highly successful 2019 as an online venture, Bailey decided to reach people directly by running a pop-up bookstore in the busy Hollywood Road area.

The pop-up bookstore was a huge success, despite the ongoing Covid-19 limitations, with many visitors and a large number of sales.

Bailey said: “It was so great to be able to get out and meet our customers and raise awareness for reBooked. I’d definitely say it was a huge success.

“I first started reBooked as I wanted to find a home for some of my favourite old books. I didn’t want them going to a landfill but couldn’t find an easy way to redistribute them. 

“There was a lack of services in the market to make secondhand books really accessible to families. So I decided to create an online shop. 

“The pop-up bookstore was the next step in growing awareness. We’re a not for profit organisation so the more people who know about us the better. We’ll definitely be looking at more pop-ups in future and would recommend it to anyone else in a similar situation.

“I’m so grateful I met Franck from Storefront. He was very responsive from the start and I felt that he understood our needs. As a young entrepreneur and this being our first stand-alone pop up, I really appreciated Franck’s guidance. I’m so pleased with Storefront’s professional services.”

Franck Vonachen, from Storefront, said: “We were absolutely delighted to assist Bailey in finding a venue for her pop-up bookstore. It is galvanizing to help an organisation like reBooked take its first steps into physical retail. 

“We were able to quickly find Bailey a venue on Hollywood Road. It suited her needs perfectly not only in terms of location and size but also because we were able to negotiate a short-term lease with the landlord. This model benefitted the landlord as well as it allowed him to generate revenue and traffic to his shop during the epidemic.”

Storefront, the world’s largest marketplace for short-term rental, matches renters up with landlords. It has matched thousands of brands with thousands of venues, making retail accessible for all. 

Franck said: “This, for Storefront, is what it’s all about. We are trying to make retail accessible to all. We want all organisations like Bailey’s to know that booking a short-term space for retail, events or anything else, shouldn’t be intimidating.”

About reBooked

reBooked began when our family of book lovers looked for an easy, sustainable way to pass on much-loved children’s titles to other book lovers in Hong Kong. As our bookshelves continued to overflow with great children’s titles, we hesitated to hand them over to out-of-the-way 2nd hand shops. We know there are other families like us, happy to give a new home to a great story, and readers ready to give a used book a new home, if only it were more convenient….

So we created reBooked  – Hong Kong’s first online bookstore for used English language children’s books.

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Bailey Cherry

CEO and Founder



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