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Need to boost your visibility, acquire new customers, or launch a new product?

Renting a kiosk space in a shopping mall is an ideal opportunity to boost your business easily, while enjoying maximum flexibility.

Storefront is the world leader for short term rental of commercial spaces, we support you with the launch of your kiosk by offering you 100% customizable mall kiosks for rent.

Set up your mall booth in the heart of the most frequented shopping centres and malls in 60+ cities, and reach a large qualified audience.

Why rent a pop up kiosk in a shopping mall?

Located in the busy aisles of shopping centers, kiosks, booths and corners are suitable for a multitude of activities, ranging from product demonstrations to a nail bar or a perfume stand, including catering or a telephone repair service.

A privileged space for interacting with consumers, a shopping mall booth space is ideal for strengthening your relationships with your existing customers, but also for attracting new customers. Offer a unique and exceptional shopping experience, arouse the curiosity of prospects, seduce them, and collect valuable feedback in real-time.

2. Benefit from strategic, high foot traffic locations

Build a presence right at the heart of the real places of life that shopping centers have become. Take advantage of a high potential traffic location and easily establish direct contact with mall visitors.

3. Take advantage of a 100% flexible and customizable solution

Storefront offers spaces for kiosks and stands that are completely customizable and suitable for all types of sectors. Modular surface, flexible rental periods, your flexibility is maximum. Get support from our dedicated concierge team, and benefit from our solutions to find the ideal location for your project.

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“ Our sales have also gone up [from the pop-up store], mainly because of the clothes we selected to sell that were reflective of both seasonal trends and trends in Dallas (picking the right clothes to sell is a very important part of getting a good sales number!). The 3-day event netted us at $80k.”
“ The pop-up allowed customers to develop an emotional connection with all that Huda embodies in the brand and enabled them to enter her world and physically experience it.”
“By far Storefront was the most proactive and responsive to our request for the right rental space. It wasn’t just the speed to meet our requirements. What differentiated Storefront, is that they ‘got our vision’ for our business. When Storefront told us that a staircase in Mayfair was available at a reasonable cost, we jumped at the chance”
“I just love how easy [Storefront] is. This is my first real business…and Storefront gave me a better idea of what I was getting into.”