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Everything you need to make your pop-up store stand out


Deliver emotional retail experiences with expert design

In physical retail, experience is everything. The ability to deliver tailored, impactful and emotional experiences is one of the main reasons brands launch pop-up shops.

The look and feel of your store is one of the most critical factors in delivering that wow factor. But where do you start? How do you design a store to be unforgettable?

Fortunately, thanks to Storefront’s partnership with GLÖ Studio, we are able to offer you all the expertise and experience you’ll need to build something beautiful

Pop-up store design

How does it work?

Thanks to our partnership with GLÖ Studio, we are able to offer design services tailored to your needs. We can design tailored solutions to connect you with your audience from space design to install and removal.

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Available services


• Analysis of brand challenges and industry 
• Convey customers experience and marketing priorities into a design concept
• Recommend marketing strategy to optimize sales and presence in a retail environment

Pop up design


• Brand positioning study
• Trends analysis
• Visual Identity conceptualization
• Definition of retail codes for retail space
• Merchandising design and development

Pop up design

Shop and space design

• Proposal based on brand DNA
• Mood boards and references
• Materials, color codes suggestions
• 3D and plan Design
• Decoration and furniture sourcing
• Bespoke furniture design

Pop up

Installation and/or removal

• Technical follow up with suppliers
• Oversee production quotes and budget
• On site visits
• Installation and break down
• Styling and scenography


Get the design support you need to make your pop-up shop stand out

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GLÖ STUDIO was founded in Paris in 2014 on the belief that design is a way to connect with people. Glö work hand in hand with brands to create a unique visual and emotional experience through an architecture concept. Glö will give your brand a new glow.