Infographic: Why Choose Short-Term Retail?


Retailers and brands around the world are using pop-up stores to generate buzz, boost sales, increase web traffic, increase brand awareness and more. It’s an exciting time in retail that will have a large impact on how and where consumers shop, and how brands will stay relevant.

Storefront and the University of South Carolina College of Retail surveyed 600 retailers globally about their opinion on pop-up stores, why they choose short-term retail and the results they have seen. (Psst: 80% of brands were happy with their pop-up experience!)

You can find a recording of our full analysis in our latest webinar here. Take a look at the infographic below, which provides a further look into some of the data.

Designed for the short term, pop-up shops are an inexpensive way to connect with customers offline, while boosting your sales. Today, the pop-up retail sector is worth an estimated US$50 billion, and brands of all sizes are harnessing the undeniable power of pop-up stores to drive business, test new markets and experiment! Storefront organised a special webinar on 25 April on the theme of “Dos and Dont’s” of a successful pop-up store. Jennifer Braunschweiger, Vice President of Brand Marketing at Mr. LaFleur and Gabriela Baiter, founder of Whereabout Studio, participated in this webinar. They discussed: – Their retail strategy and measures of success – What to look for in terms of time and location for your project – How they promote their pop-up shops

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