Webinar: Announcing The 2019 Global Pop-Up Trends

We surveyed 600+ marketers and the results are in. We were pleased to hear that 80% of brands were happy with their pop-up experience!

Pop-up stores are seen as one of the key retail trends, that will shape its future. Whether it’s new brands leveraging them to generate buzz, digital-native direct-to-consumer brands looking to widen their audience and provide an IRL experience, or seasoned retailers testing a new market or launching a new product, companies of all types and sizes are taking the plunge, but what impact does this actually have on their image and revenue?

In collaboration with the University of South Carolina College of Retail, we surveyed hundreds of brands and retailers globally about their opinion on pop-up stores, why they choose short-term retail and the results they have seen.

In this webinar, co-hosted with Professor Mark Rosenbaum, Ph.D, we discuss
– our key findings on why retailers are increasingly betting on pop-up stores
– how retailers measure a pop-up’s success
– plus plenty more insights from Mark and the Storefront team!

For a further look into the data from our survey, check out the infographic here