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Full of an edgy and retail-oriented crowd, Knokke-Heist has tons of notable commercial spaces for pop-up stores that draw in crowds. This city is best known for its authentic feel and is visited by large numbers of tourists who enjoy shopping and trying new products. Knokke-Heist is a welcoming city with lots of friendly locals. This proves to be particularly beneficial to anyone who is searching for a retail space for lease.  From big-box brands to up-and-coming designers who love to populate the smaller markets, there’s plenty of areas such as Lippenslaan, Dumortierlaan, and Kustlaan for retailers and galleries to spring up and make their mark in Knokke-Heist. One of Belgium's most exciting cities, with Storefront, you are guaranteed to find your next ideal retail venue regardless of whether you are looking for a cozy, compact, or contemporary space. 

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Flagship Pop Up Space On Kustlaan, Knokke

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Showroom Boutique In Knokke

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Multi Level Pop Up Space In Kustlaan, Knokke

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Pop Up Boutique On Kustlaan, Knokke

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Pop Up Boutique In Knokke, Belgium

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Pop Up Boutique On Kustlaan in Knocke

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Increase your visibility

With more than 10,000 short-term spaces available for rent, Storefront offers the perfect space for all types of retail businesses.


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In just 3 steps and in less than 24 hours, you can book the perfect space for your retail event on our platform.


We have the best selection of spaces.

Each type of retail venture has a specific purpose. Once you define your objectives, you can use our platform to find the most suitable space for your business’s needs. We take all of your requests seriously and our account managers are there to help you book a space, every step of the way. We also have spaces all over the world to ensure that you find the right one for your retail goals!


Use your imagination!

All of our loft spaces are customizable. Choose the space with the right atmosphere and layout to make sure your business event is a success; whether it be through creative interior design, furniture, or lighting.

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