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Networking is important to meet like-minded people and establish your own business or career.

Organizing a networking event is an important part of the process and one of the most important aspects is the space to host it in. Storefront will help you find the perfect location in the best neighborhood regardless of which city you are targeting. From big or large networking events, we have spaces for all your needs.
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1. Increase your visibility

With more than 10,000 short-term spaces available for rent, Storefront offers the perfect space for all types of events.

2. You can book a space in less than 24 hours

In just 3 steps and in less than 24 hours, you can book the perfect space for your fundraiser on our platform.

3. We have the best selection of spaces.

Each type of corporate event has a specific purpose. Once you define your objectives, you can peruse our platform for the most suitable space for your event’s needs. We take all of your requests seriously and our account managers are there to help you book a space, every step of the way. We also have spaces all over the world to ensure that you find the right one for your fundraiser!

4. Use your imagination!

All of our pop-up spaces are customizable. Choose the space with the right atmosphere and layout to make sure your corporate event is a success; whether it be through creative interior design, furniture or lighting.


The benefits of hosting your next networking event with Storefront

In just 3 steps, you can book the event space of your dreams. Rent the pop-up of your choice in under a day!
We have the largest selection of short-term spaces around the world.

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“Storefront gave us flexibility where other platforms had minimum commitments of around one month, which was not suitable for this project”
“The Storefront platform was a really useful tool for us to find a location with quality lighting conditions, big windows and was situated in a vibrant neighbourhood. We eventually chose this location in SoHo because the neighbourhood has a design feeling. This street is super cute.”
“We had a lot of positive feedback from customers, business relations and press. Also the show up to all our events in the store and the number of Spinnin’ merchandise items that we sold tell us the Spinnin’ Records Popup Store 2018 was a great success. ”
“We were especially happy with the easy communication and responsive service we got from Storefront,” she explained. “Storefront helped us secure the type of location we needed, in good condition and centrally located.”