Pop-up stores are feasible options for a number of brands, for a number of reasons. They can help you build buzz and brand awareness, plus they’re 80% less expensive than operating a permanent brick-and-mortar location — and that’s just scratching the surface.

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When opening your pop-up, you want to stand out as much as possible and create a memorable experience. One way to do that is by finding a unique venue. We recently took a look at unique pop-up spaces to rent in New York City. Our search led us to a completely customizable and mobile venue to the iconic Bryant Park itself.

Now, we’re rounding up ten unique pop-up rentals in Los Angeles — including a former doll museum and an airport hangar.

Pop-Up Space Close to Venice Blvd

Industrial in feel, with concrete floors and metal roofing and doors, this 1,500-square-foot space comes with a fully equipped kitchen and bar. Located just off Venice Boulevard in between Palms and Washington Culver, it’s a great spot to host events.

The unique space has been home to video and photoshoots, galleries, trunk shows and artist workshops. White walls accented with red doors create a blank slate if you’re looking to get creative with your pop-up.

Unique Multi-level Downtown Warehouse Space

This space’s unfinished, industrial feel is sure to create a memorable experience. With a massive 7,970 square feet to work with, including an upstairs area that could easily be your VIP section, the historic building is ideal for galleries, showrooms, product launches and other private events.

A half tiled, half cement floor with exposed beams and columns contrast the clean, white walls. The space has character but is still versatile enough for you to create a unique experience true to your brand.

Two bars, bathrooms, and an accessible location make this unique pop-up rental a turnkey option.

Creative Warehouse Space & Studio

With 8,000 square feet to play with, this large warehouse space can help you bring your pop-up ideas to life. It’s perfect for events, launches and exhibitions, with high ceilings and exposed beams making the large venue feel extra spacious.

Professional lighting has been installed and is also available for you to create the ambiance you want.

Pro tip: Check out the Dodger Stadium schedule before you book — this spot is located nearby, and extra traffic isn’t welcome by any pop-up guest.


Modern Retail Space in Arts District

While our last space was elegantly historical, this space jumps into the future in its modern design. This unique pop-up rental has geometric-inspired architectural and design features, plus stark white walls and bright lighting — it’s a great location to host a pop-up shop (especially considering the include stock room) or gallery.

The exterior of this pop-up matches the modernity of the inside, with its unique lines and shapes. Inside, black boxes with glass panels create smaller zones within the overall pop-up space.

Renovated Vintage Pop-Up Trailer

Though this trailer isn’t mobile, it’s sure to help your brand make moves with your next pop-up. The 17-foot-long renovated vintage Yankee Clipper makes a unique location for a pop-up shop, photo or video shoot, or small event. Choose from two locations: Woodland Hills or Malibu Canyon’s Great Spirits Ranch.

The trailer’s exterior itself is enough to draw attention, painted to be half white and half bright, turquoise blue. Inside, the trailer has been gutted, aside from a countertop, to create an open 100 square feet of space. Garment racks, furniture and decor can also be included.

Pop-Up Space in Pico-Roberston

Three rooms are available at this unique pop-up space on Cashio Street in Pico-Robertson; you can rent one, two or all three to use all 7,500 square feet. The flexibility is great for events of all sizes.

Each room has a distinct feeling that complements the overall modern aesthetic of the venue. One features unique lighting features and cement floors, while another room will present wood flooring and modern yet traditional columns. White walls and lots of open space offer a blank slate for your next event or gallery.

Culver City Creative Space

What was once a mechanic shop has been transformed into a pop-up rental in Culver City. Inside, there are floor-to-ceiling windows and different rooms and nooks that create a multifunctional space. Concrete floors, exposed brick, wood-beamed ceilings and track lighting keep it modern and clean.

Outside, a gray shipping container, wood deck and greenery create a complementary functional outdoor space. Complete with furniture, Wi-Fi, office equipment and other amenities, it’s an adaptable venue that needs minimal setup. Rent out the venue for corporate events, private sales or product launches.

Spectacular Santa Monica Venue

Ever dreamed of hosting a pop-up at an airport hangar? You can do exactly that in Santa Monica at this unique pop-up rental. 35,000 square feet of open space can be transformed dramatically to accommodate large events or photo and video shoots.

“The owners are open to creativity,” the listing states: If you have an outside-the-box idea for a pop-up, this venue is the place to do it. Plus, they can offer an extra 6,000 square feet of multifunctional space for things such as conference, dressing or production rooms.


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