Why A Pop-Up Store Is The Best Content Creator

It’s important to deliver content daily to your customers, potential customers, and to anyone who may come across your brand. In today’s digital world, content is king, yet finding it is not always easy. That’s where the pop-up store comes in as a great content generator for your brand. Here are 3 ways a pop-up store is an easy way to automatically generate content.

  • Create a Lasting Impression

A pop-up store can make a lasting impression on any customer. Pop-up stores create experiential and engaging experiences that can easily be captured by photographs to be shared on social media. This serves as great content for both the brand and consumers. One of the main marketing initiatives behind a pop-up store should be the potential to create good quality content that speaks the language of the brand and creates buzz both on and off-line. The pop-up store should leave a sense of excitement with people who enter and prompt them to create content for their social media channels, blogs, etc. The brand can use the content created from a pop-up store for weeks and months to follow, whether to extend a campaign, build a story for future pop-up stores to follow, or create an even more engaging website presence based off of the concept of the store.

Pop-up stores that have a clear branded experience receive more press, have a stronger return on investment, and make a lasting impression on the customer. Customers are more willing to make a purchase, follow a brand, and share content when the store resonates with them, and this can result in them following what the brand will deliver in the future.

  • Eye-Catching Displays

Eye-catching displays are critical when it comes to the pop-up shop’s content creation. The more innovative, creative, and photo-worthy the better. However, sometimes a minimal display can be just as eye-catching. For example, consider Louis Vuitton’s “Les Parfums” pop-up store in Shanghai Changi Airport. The display is a sight to see and will feature a collection of fragrances that are an invitation to travel. The pop-up store will also feature a monogrammed orchid fragrance travel case. This is a limited-edition exclusive travel case with only 100 being produced. Exclusive products are great to launch at pop-up shops and also create good content.

Photo: Louis Vuitton

Another eye-catching display was a Nike shipping container that was dropped in downtown Toronto and Vancouver. The shipping container had a Nike logo on the outside and on the inside it was a live environment filled with Nike products. There were designers present to help you create a custom pair of shoes with Nike iD studio all within the shipping container. It was easy to spot this pop-up store in downtown Toronto and Vancouver, and of course the outside design enticed you to go inside and see what it was all about. This automatically created engaging content from all the people who entered.

Photo: Tyler Hayward

Creative pop-up stores vary widely, from being in a shipping container to an igloo. Handbag designer Kate Spade launched an igloo pop-up store in the center of Bryant Park in New York City. The timing was spot on as it launched during the holiday season and offered free hot chocolate to shoppers! The brand focused on holiday gifting, stocking stuffers, and winter accessories. Pop-up stores should not only have eye-catching displays to talk about but they should also give you a reason to come in and shop and Kate Spade did just that.

Photo: Kate Spade
  • Media and Press Exposure

It’s not always easy coming up with a new pitch for the media but new content helps and with a well-planned pop-up store you can have a lot of great new content to publish. The media and press love a good story, with innovative content to capture the audience’s attention.

A good pop-up story will give a brand a new campaign to promote its products, give consumers something original and engaging, and give the media a newsworthy article that writes itself. Patagonia made a strategic move when it created a Worn Wear Wagon and embarked on a 21-state tour in the US. Patagonia covered so many different places with their wagon that it became a traveling content creator. The Worn Wear program resells used gear and clothing from the brand. The idea is to promote the durability of the brand and to broadcast an eco-friendly message, encouraging customers to make their clothes last a lifetime. The wagon is a wood-clad mobile repair shop and it’s a one-of-a-kind custom vehicle with a solar-powered camper shell. Patagonia brought repair staff on the tour to offer free repairs on zippers, buttons, rips, etc. The tour educated consumers about Patagonia’s Worn Wear program. Patagonia used an alternative method to share information directly with its customers and created some great hype around the brand along the way.

Photo: Patagonia


Creating content and sharing information across media and press outlets is important and a pop-up store, whether mobile or static, will irresistibly be something to share. A pop-up store should be designed to tell a brand story or showcase something special about a brand. If you get enough people talking, that content might even go viral.


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Courtney Gerring
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