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Incredible 25m2 Meeting Room for rent in Via Fratelli Cervi, Segrate

Milano Due –  Milano, Lombardia, Italy


€126,88per day


€126,88per day
€888,13per week
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Daily rate€126,88
Weekly rate€888,13
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Space Type:


Rental Capacity:

25 m²

Minimum Rental:
1 day

Maximum Rental:
3 months

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The location

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About this space


Meeting room composed of:

- 1 meeting table.

- From 6 to 8 armchairs with armrests.

- 1 TV-color 50 ".

Upon request: 1 projector.

The price includes cleaning and storage costs.



The Meeting Room L is available to the user at the following times:

- Weekdays from 8:30 am to 7:30 pm;

Any other accesses will be agreed with the management.

Reception services will be available from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm and from 3.00 pm to 6.00 pm.

The space will remain closed during days: 1 and 6 January; On Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Easter Monday; 25 April; May 1; 2 June; August 15; November 1st; 8, 25 and 26 December.

Save and unprepared the integral application of the provisions of the contract, the user undertakes to respect and enforce the following behavioral rules:

1. Smoking is absolutely forbidden inside the space, even with electronic cigarette.

2. The windows can be opened.

3. It is prohibited on the internal windowsill.

4. It is forbidden to enter the property not previously authorized by the staff.

5. It is forbidden to dedicate the furniture and goods received on loan of use, which must be returned in the state in which they were delivered. In the event of damage, the expenses necessary for the replacement of goods will be charged.

6. It is forbidden to disturb the other coworkers.

7. It is prohibited in an indecent way, to play and use a language they are not appropriate to the surrounding environment.

8. It is forbidden to guard within the space that can be, or even prove to be such at a subsequent moment, flammable, pollutants, contaminants, toxic, harmful, explosive, smelly, noisy, of illicit origin or in any case dangerous and / or the Whose detention by the user is prohibited by legal standards or by a public authority order.

9. Users are required to collect and store their waste in the appropriate containers present in their area of ​​relevance.

10. It is prohibited to standstill in the immediate vicinity of the safety outputs. The emergency doors are alarmed and connected to the 24-hour supervisory service. Every inappropriate use of the doors by the user or other persons subject to its responsibility or in any case present with the same in the spaces of the grantor will be punished by debit a User load of a fine of € 50.

11. It is forbidden to place bulky objects in the passage and common areas, in the areas intended for the safety outputs and / or on the path highlighted for the escape route in case of danger.

12. The grantor declines all responsibility in the event that the user has no properly closed his space - office.

13. The grantor does not receive in mail delivery, goods, packages intended for the user, if he has not previously activated the correspondence service.

14. Animals cannot be introduced within the space, even temporarily.

15. It is obliged to actively participate in all evacuation tests in the event of an emergency.

16. It is forbidden to use high volume audio systems or in any case so that they can cause damage and / or disturbance to other coworkers.

17. It is forbidden to open the cabinets containing electrical panel.

18. It is forbidden to operate the anti-fire alarm or even only rose the protection glass, if not in case of acclaid danger. Any non-compliant abuse or use will be punished with a fine of € 100.00.

19. It is prohibited to operate the air conditioning systems.

20. It is forbidden to use televisions and video conference systems, if not previously authorized by staff.

21. It is not permitted to stand out, even temporarily, in the meeting rooms, if not previously authorized by the personnel.

22. It is not allowed to sit, even temporarily, in the station of another coworker, unless authorized by it.

23. The use of equipment and in general of the goods of another coworker is prohibited, if not authorized by it.

24. It is forbidden to enter the technical area, if not authorized by the personnel.

The above list represents a typing of some agreed behavioral rules between the parties to clarify the most important aspects of the use of environments.

In any case, the parties agree that the aforementioned list has no exhaustive nature.

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