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Creative Studio Space


$480.00per hour
$984.00per day


$984.00per day
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Hourly rate$480.00
Hourly weekend rate$540.00
Daily rate$984.00
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Rental Capacity:
Entire or Partial

1,400 sq ft

Minimum Rental:
1 day

Maximum Rental:
5 days

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About this space

This 1400 square feet creative studio space is nestled in the heart of the trendy Woodland Hills area, offering a vibrant and inspiring location for media production. Situated in a sought-after neighborhood, the studio benefits from its proximity to an array of amenities, including trendy cafes, restaurants, and boutique shops, fostering a dynamic and creative atmosphere.

The studio space itself has been thoughtfully designed to maximize functionality and creative potential. With its generous 1400 square feet footprint, it provides ample room for various activities and sets within a single cohesive space. The open floor plan allows for flexible configuration, catering to the specific needs of TV, film, and photo productions.

Natural light floods the studio through large windows, infusing the space with an uplifting and invigorating ambiance. Additionally, the studio is equipped with a comprehensive lighting system, including overhead fixtures, spotlights, and diffusers, ensuring optimal control over lighting conditions and enhancing creative possibilities. The adjustable lighting setups cater to the specific requirements of different projects, allowing for the creation of various moods and aesthetics.

The studio is designed to provide utmost convenience and functionality. It boasts sturdy and adaptable furniture that can be rearranged or removed to accommodate different production setups. This flexibility enables seamless transitions between filming scenes, setting up photoshoots, or hosting client meetings.

One of the standout features of the studio is its breathtaking views. Whether it overlooks the vibrant streets of Woodland Hills, captures the picturesque beauty of nearby natural landscapes, or frames the city skyline in the distance, the studio offers captivating vistas that can serve as a backdrop for creative inspiration.

The trendy location of Woodland Hills adds an extra touch of appeal to the studio space. Being surrounded by a bustling community of artists, filmmakers, and creative professionals, the area fosters collaboration and networking opportunities. It serves as a hub for innovation, making it an ideal location for those seeking to be at the forefront of the media industry.

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