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Spacious , quiet and clean room 127 at University of San Jose


$150.00per hour
$1,080.00per day


$1,080.00per day
$1,440.00per weekend day
$4,500.00per week
$15,000.00per month
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Hourly rate$150.00
Hourly weekend rate$200.40
Weekday rate$1,080.00
Weekend daily rate$1,440.00
Weekly rate(-40%) $4,500.00
Monthly rate(-54%) $15,000.00
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Space Type:

Rental Capacity:

1,000 sq ft

Minimum Rental:
1 day

Ref Number:

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About this space

Welcome to Gospace ( Gosvea Space ),the expectational meeting and training venue, where productivity meets comfort. Our space is located on USJ ( University of San Jose) , 1631 North First street , San Jose, CA 95112, near San Jose International Airport. Our spacious and pristine meeting rooms are tailor-made for all your professional needs. Whether you're hosting a crucial business meeting or conducting a training session, our well-equipped and thoughtfully designed spaces provide the ideal backdrop for success.

**Features and Facilities:**

Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of tranquility and efficiency. Our selection of meeting rooms, available in various sizes, ensures that you'll find the perfect space for your group. The venue boasts an impeccable standard of cleanliness and quietude, fostering an environment conducive to focused discussions and collaborative thinking.

**Convenient Transportation:**

Reaching us is a breeze with our strategic location:

- Abundant free parking spaces

- Proximity to major highways: Hwy 101, Hwy 880, and Hwy 680

- A mere 0.1 mile from Gish Light Rail Station (901, 902, 914)

- Just 0.9 miles from San Jose International Airport

- A short 2.3-mile journey to Downtown San Jose

**Well-Equipped for Success:**

Your meetings and presentations will be elevated by our comprehensive array of amenities, including:

- Comfortable tables, chairs, and podium

- Dynamic whiteboard for visual aids

- Cutting-edge TV, projector, and audio system

- Seamlessly fast high-speed WiFi connectivity

**Service Excellence:**

Your convenience and satisfaction are our top priorities. Enjoy a range of services that enhance your experience:

- Access to restrooms for your comfort

- Convenient mailbox services

- Secured entry with lock for added security

- Fully equipped kitchenette with microwave, dining table, sink, fridge, and hot/iced water

- Attentive staff members available to assist whenever needed

- Wheelchair accessible facilities for inclusivity

- Complimentary printing service for up to 5 pages (additional pages at $0.30/page)

- Refreshing complimentary water and the option for $10/5 Gal barrel water delivery

**Flexible Pricing:**

Choose the pricing plan that suits your schedule and requirements:

- Weekdays (Mon - Fri) from 8AM to 6PM: $40/hour ( the room limited 20 persons )

$45/hour ( the room limited 25/40 persons )

$150/hour( the room limited 80 persons)

from 6 PM to 11PM: $50/hour (the room limited 20 persons)

$55/hour (the room limited 25/40 persons)

$200/hour( the room limited 80 persons)

- Weekends (Sat - Sun) from 8AM to 6PM: $50/hour ( the room limited 20 persons )

$55/hour (the room limited 25/40 persons)

$150/hour( the room limited 80 persons)

from 6 PM to 11PM: $60/hour (the room limited 20 persons)

$65/hour (the room limited 25/40 persons)

$200/hour( the room limited 80 persons)

- Enjoy a 5%--10% discount for reservations of 8 hours or more

- Weekly package: $1250 per week (the room limited 20 persons)

$1400 per week (the room limited 25/40 persons)

$4500 per week (the room limited 80 persons)

- Monthly package: $4250 per month (the room limited 20 persons)

$4800 per month (the room limited 25/40 persons)

$15000 per month (the room limited 80 persons)

**Your Comfort Matters:**

We've established some guidelines to ensure a harmonious experience for all:

- No smoking is permitted within the premises

- To maintain a comfortable environment, we kindly ask that you leave your pets at home

- Guests are welcome to enter the room 15 minutes before their reservation and may exit 15 minutes after

- Feel free to bring food and beverages (delivery accepted)

- Kindly respect our space and leave it as you found it

For any additional information or specific inquiries, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're excited to provide you with an exceptional space that fosters productivity, collaboration, and success.

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