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A rare and unexpected garden and event space celebrating nature in Brooklyn, NYC


$7,440.00per day


$7,440.00per day
$12,000.00per weekend day
$37,200.00per week
$111,600.00per month
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Weekday rate$7,440.00
Weekend daily rate$12,000.00
Weekly rate(-29%) $37,200.00
Monthly rate(-50%) $111,600.00
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Space Type:

Rental Capacity:
Entire or Partial

3,500 sq ft

Minimum Rental:
1 day

Maximum Rental:
1 month

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About this space

Brand new, multi-faceted venue in the heart of Brooklyn, NY with a lush open-air courtyard garden, warehouse with a private mezzanine lounge, a dining area with a catering kitchen, and a discreet wooden “treehouse.” The venue is available for all types of private events from art exhibits and performances to weddings and corporate functions.

Discovery, wonder, and the unexpected are big themes... Handmade mosaic murals tell stories of underground creatures. There are moving walls and secret doors. The plants are an idealized woodland, dressed-up cousins of what might have grown along the edges of fields and farms past. Birds, bees and butterflies are invited back. The buildings “breathe” with automated natural ventilation. Fountains and water features collect and recycle stormwater for irrigation. A decade of design and construction led to a complex and interwoven series of architectural ideas that coalesced into a rare and unexpected nature retreat in New York City.

Available Spaces at Carroll Hall:

The Garden

The garden is the heart of Carroll Hall, designed with the promise of a quiet moment outside. A vibrant mix of perennials with flowering interest throughout the growing seasons embrace its two connected courtyards. Here you’ll find a magnolia tree and camellias, golden grasses, smoke bush and chartreuse vines, evergreens, purple allium, ferns, and soft mossy carpets, plus plenty of happy bumbling bees and birds. Reclaimed water from the site is stored in a large underground tank and used to irrigate the garden. ADA accessible.

The Warehouse

Our sun-drenched Warehouse boasts 25’ tall ceilings with skylights, an elevated DJ booth, custom cedar walls inspired by the cellular structure of birch trees, an 8x8 pivot door leading out to the gardens, restrooms, and a private mezzanine lounge with a balcony. Everything but the DJ booth and mezzanine lounge/balcony are ADA accessible.

The Treehouse

Tucked back in the garden is our discreet wooden "treehouse" that can comfortably host 6 people. While not public, it is available as an add-on for any rental package. The path leading up to the treehouse is designed to encourage one to slow down and discover their surroundings. Inside the treehouse is a large window that opens onto the garden, and another window revealing a secret miniature garden. This limited access space is not ADA accessible.

Rose's Room

A private dining and catering area with a wall that opens to the garden. The kitchen prep area includes a sink, large commercial fridge, non-commercial dishwasher, counter tops for food prep, and an ice machine. ADA accessible.

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Why Lease a rare and unexpected garden and event space in Brooklyn, NYC?

Are you looking for an ideal space to host your next event or gathering? Look no further than The Storefront's Garden and Event Space in Brooklyn, New York. Located in the heart of the city, this space offers plenty of foot traffic, a variety of features, and amenities to make your event a success.

What Are the Features of a rare and unexpected garden and event space in Brooklyn, NYC?

The Storefront's Garden and Event Space offer plenty of foot traffic and are easily accessible by public transportation. The space is also equipped with a large stage, a full kitchen, and a bar area. The space also offers a variety of other amenities, including bathrooms, a sound system, and a variety of lighting options.

What is a rare and unexpected garden and event space in Brooklyn, NYC Ideal For?

The Storefront's Garden and Event Space are ideal for any type of event or gathering. The space is perfect for small parties, corporate events, weddings, and more. The space is also great for outdoor activities, such as concerts, festivals, and other large gatherings.

How to Rent a rare and unexpected garden and event space in Brooklyn, NYC?

Renting The Storefront's Garden and Event Space is easy. All you need to do is raise an inquiry on the platform and a representative from the Storefront will get back to you with more information. Once you have received the information, you can book a visit to the space. Once you have decided to rent the space, you will need to sign a contract and pay the necessary fees. The duration of the rental can vary, depending on your needs.