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Raw Historic Surreal Locker Room


$1,200.00per day


$1,200.00per day
$2,040.00per weekend day
$7,200.00per week
$24,000.00per month
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Weekday rate$1,200.00
Weekend daily rate$2,040.00
Weekly rate(-14%) $7,200.00
Monthly rate(-33%) $24,000.00
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Rental Capacity:

1,030 sq ft

Minimum Rental:
1 day

Ref Number:

The location

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About this space

The locker room is a 1030 square foot historic set of 8 rooms available for film and photo shoots.

The rooms, located beneath a church, were abandoned in the 1970s. From October 2018 through April 2019, the space was renovated and is now available for your use. Thus, the look of the space is raw and industrial. Most of the floors are concrete. The bathroom and shower room are tiled. Many of the walls have flaking paint jobs and weathered areas. There's exposed piping, wood beams, and unique materials and textures everywhere.

The Shower Room has four brutal, beautiful vintage black shower stalls with working water spouts.

The front door has a speakeasy style password window, which can be a fun set piece for certain shoots and events.

The space lets in very little daylight. The main doorway to the space can let in daylight, if left open. This allows photo and video work to have total control over the lighting.

The space is equipped with a 12,000 BTU Fujitsu wall AC unit to keep you cool in the summer. We have two 5600W Dr. Infrared DR-988 space heaters to keep you warm in the winter. Our wall AC unit also acts as a heater.

There are newly installed power outlets in every room, each with two three-prong 110 volt sockets.

The rooms are equipped with a total of 15 Phillips Hue bulbs, which can be modified to any color or warm or cool white light, along with a range of brightness levels. The space is provided at our default colors in the photos, and for an additional fee, you may rent a tablet which controls the bulb settings. You're also welcome to rent our additional lighting gear if you'd like a brightness that goes beyond the capability of the Phillips bulbs.

The space is equipped with a powerful WIFI network.

The space is highly set designed. Please be careful with our set and props. Some items, like the mannequins and the waiting room desks, can be moved without too much trouble. Many of the other decorations, such as the vines and the balloon tent, are embedded in the room and cannot be taken down or moved.

Renters are able to safely store their equipment in the space overnight. The space is open from 3:30pm to midnight on Sundays, and from 4am to midnight on the other six days of the week.

Our venue has a large selection of in-house photo and video gear. For additional add-on fees, renters may use our lights, fog machines, speakers, and more. See our add-ons to learn more.

We regret that at this time, our space does not offer wheelchair access. We’ve spent the last year restoring this basement from the 1800s, but we are not yet at the point where we can afford to build ramps or elevators. With the help of your rentals, our budget will get there. Thank you for your patience.

Our space is more popular during evenings and weekends, and so you will notice that our hourly rate varies. Weekday evenings are priced higher after 6pm. Friday evening and all of Saturday and Sunday are priced at a premium.

The locker room is located on Bushwick Avenue near the Halsey J and Gates J stations, and a 12 minute walk from the Myrtle Wyckoff L / M station.

The exact dimensions of each room in the Locker Room are:

All floor to ceiling heights: 96” (8 feet)

Shower Room:

9.3 feet x 19.16 feet

178 square feet

Shrine Room (boot shaped):

18.16 feet x 7.83 feet

6.83’ feet x 5.16 feet

177.5 total square feet

Shutters Room:

9.33 feet x 8 feet

75 square feet

Waiting Room: (boot shaped)

14.33 feet x 10 feet

5.83 feet x 7.66 feet

188 total square feet


21 feet x 3.66 feet

77 square feet


6.5 feet x 6.33 feet

41 square feet


13 feet x 7 feet

91 square feet

The Mannequin Room / The Vine Room:

27.5 feet x 7.5 feet

206 square feet

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Ideal Uses

Photo Shooting


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