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Top Spaces

Top Spaces are verified by Storefront as high performing spaces. Achieving Top Space status earns the space free additional benefits.

Top Spaces Receive These Benefits

Top ranking in search results

Top spaces get boosted ranking in search results. Your space will appear at the top of search results when people look for similar spaces in your city.

Even more visibility

Enjoy an eye-catching badge on your Top Space listing. Brands will book your space with confidence knowing you're a Top Space verified by Storefront experts.

We'll promote your space

We'll highlight your space on social channels and in our Best of Storefront email sent to thousands of potential renters.

Top priority for support

Your space will be first on our list to refer potential renters looking for similar spaces in your area.

How to Earn & Maintain Top Space Status

Respond to inquiries within 48 hours

Prompt responses are key to closing a booking. When a brand sends you an inquiry, they are also likely looking at other spaces. Keep your competitive edge with a speedy reply and maintain a response rate of 80% and above.

Did you know?
94% of bookings go to listings that respond within 48 hours.

Always follow up with brands

Keep the conversation going with brands interested in your space. Even if you're waiting to hear back from potential renters, a new booking can be a few clicks away by sending a friendly reminder.

Collect secured payments through Storefront

Get paid quickly and securely when you collect rental payments through our platform. We recommend updating your bank account information now to get faster bookings.

We're a small company passionate about supporting your business, and paying through our platform will ensure we can continue to serve you.

By opting in to become a Top Space, you agree to meet the above requirements. If the above requirements have not been satisfied by the space owner every month, the space will forfeit all benefits of the Top Space program.

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