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International expansion is an important step in any brand’s evolution. Getting your brand in front of new audiences, reaching new people and building awareness in new markets is critical for international growth.

Cross border – international expansion

If you’re planning on opening a store in a new country, we are the best help available. Storefront is an international company with global reach. We have thousands of spaces across the globe and local experts in most regions to help you find the best venues in every shopping hotspot around the world.

If you work with us we will work for you. Using every ounce of our data, experience and local connections, we will find you your perfect venue. We have excellent relationships with all the top landlords and will negotiate the best prices.

Let us work for you

If you’re interested in a new city or country we will make it work for you. We have relationships and partners around the world. Wherever you want to go, we will be able to find a space that matches your needs and budget.

International expansion in a time of Covid

Covid-19 has had a huge impact on many aspects of our lives. The retail sector has definitely been hit hard, especially physical retail. However, with the world slowly opening up there are opportunities to be had.  The likes of BurberryLouis VuittonRachel Comey and Gucci are already taking advantage. For the first time many major landlords are open to short-term leases in prestigious neighbourhoods and there are many excellent deals available on rent. Everything from 50% discounts to turnover only arrangements. With footfall increasing and people desperate to get out and get their lives back to normal, ambitious brands are making plans and those that seize the moment have an unbelievable opportunity. However, there is no denying that there is a degree of uncertainty about what the short-term future holds. With this in mind we offer flexible cancellations, meaning you can book with confidence and peace of mind. 

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Work with Storefront in three easy steps

Storefront has been matching brands with venues for their short-term projects for over four years. We have the experience, expertise and relationships you won’t find anywhere else.

1. Scope the project

Tell us the cities you’re interested in and what you want to achieve. Our local experts will advise you on the best places to be in each city and the sorts of prices we will be able to negotiate for you. We’ll then agree on a scope for the project.

2. Sit back and let us do the work for you

We will find venues that match the scope in every city you request. We will negotiate prices and send you a shortlist of options for your feedback. We can organise viewings and will even give you guided tours of relevant neighbourhoods.

3. Book the venue and get started

All that’s left to do is book the venues. We’ll handle all the negotiating for you, acting as the go between with the landlords so that we can use the relationships we have we them to get you the best deal possible.

What is ‘flexible retail’?

Flexible retail is the future of physical retail. With consumer behaviour taking more and more of the ‘transaction’ online, physical retail is playing more and more of an important role in marketing, brand loyalty and PR. Product launches, market research and exquisite customer experiences are the future of physical retail. This switch from the transactional to the theatrical means brands are looking more and more at short-term events, pop-ups and much, much shorter leases.
Commercial real estate is experiencing a seismic shift. The concept of flexible retail is simple. Booking a space for a short-term event should be as easy as booking a hotel room. That’s what Storefront is here for.

Introducing the Storefront Concierge team

Local expertise at your fingertips

The Storefront Concierge team is comprised of retail experts from around the world. Every member of the team is an expert on their subject matter and their region. When you work with Storefront on a cross border project you get access to every single member of the Concierge team and every piece of Storefront insight.

Storefront helps Canadian brand launch in Milan

Exciting and pioneering Canadian brand Moose Knuckles opened it’s first pop-up in Milan with the help of Storefont. As part of ambitious international expansion plans, Moose Knuckles is opening short-term pop-up stores in a range of cities across the world. Find out how Storefront helped Moose Knuckles make their dream a reality.
Check out how we helped Moose Knuckles

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