Pioneering fashion brand Moose Knuckles embraces the ‘new normal’ with experience driven Covid-friendly pop-up in Milan

Moose Knuckles, the ambitious and innovative Canadian luxury outerwear brand, opened it’s latest pop-up in Milan, which it found using Storefront.

The pioneering brand is using pop-up stores to engage with its customers and reach new audiences with stores openings in London, Amsterdam and Dusseldorf in recent months.

While many retailers are suffering from the impact of the global pandemic, Moose Knuckles has bucked the trend and is embracing the ‘new normal’ to continue its expansion.

The pop-up stores are designed to meet global safety protocols prioritizing customers and associates needs. This brand building activity is designed by Paris design office Bureau Betak to amaze and delight customers with a new concept layout which features  a combination of minimalist look , luxury materials, captivating glowing light and interactive digital elements in a special Moose way. 

Moose KnucklesMarco D’Avanzo, General Manager and Executive VP of Global Sales at Moose Knuckles, said: “We recognized the shift in the consumer landscape and launched this experiential concept to meet our community in their local playground. The foundation of our brand has been built with grassroot, authentic and emotional ties to our customers worldwide.”

“We are going beyond the fundamentals of taking our product to local markets. We are proposing solutions to these challenging times as it is in our DNA to bring the spirit and our energy on the road.”

Mohamed Haouache, CEO of Storefront, which partnered with Moose Knuckles to secure the venue in Milan, said: “It was a pleasure to work with Moose Knuckles on this project. They are an exciting brand and are doing some truly tremendous things.

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“We are seeing more and more clients adopting short-term retail to expand, test new geographies and reach their customers. 

“While Covid-19 has had a detrimental impact on many aspects of retail there’s no denying that physical retail still has a very important role to play.

moose knuckles“We believe the future of physical retail is a move away from the transactional to the theatrical. Where the experience and engaging with your customers, as Moose Knuckles are doing, is the ultimate goal.

“We believe that more and more brands will embark on these sorts of strategies in this new normal we find ourselves in. Moose Knuckles are one of the pioneers.”

About the Milan pop-up store

The pop-up store in Milan is located in San Babila, Corso Matteotti 14, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Milan, a stone’s throw from the homonymous square.

The store opened on October 10, 2020, and will remain open until the end of January 2021 in compliance with COVID-19 global security protocols.

International expansion

If you’re interested in launching a retail project in another country like Moose Knuckles did then Storefront can help. We are an international business with thousands of spaces world wide.

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